DisplayLink Releases v.8.2M3 for Windows

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DisplayLink Releases v.8.2M3 for Windows | Tech Talk | Discover Targus Blog
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DisplayLink announced v.8.2M3 is now available. Using this version of the software should work, but Targus has no plans to validate this release with Targus Universal Docking Stations or Targus UDS Utilities. This release has not been submitted for distribution on Windows Update for Targus Universal Docking Stations and Targus is not providing .MSI/.INF files for it. This software contains the following new features: - No new features since 8.2M2 Issues Fixed in this 8.2M3 release: - DisplayLink executable installation does not complete on Windows 7 to Windows 10 Build 10586 when the username installing the software contains The full release notes are here.