PXE Boot or Pre-Boot Targus UDS GbE Support

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PXE Boot or Pre-Boot Targus UDS GbE Support | Tech Talk | Discover Targus Blog
Thee DocKtor is often asked, "Do Targus UDS support PXE Boot?" This would mean that the host PC would have BIOS support for the GbE MAC/PHY downstream from the host USB and on the other side of the Targus UDS USB hub and DisplayLink SOC. In essence, Windows would have to boot over GbE over USB. Thee DocKtor has heard that there is some Dell and HP model that do support booting over the Targus UDS GbE port, but this has yet to be verified. PXE Boot is supported, but not in the traditional form. Thee DocKtor assumes that IT Administrators are ultimately trying to use a network (LAN/VPN) to provision PCs that have limited IO options, often with only WiFi (that may or may not be working) and maybe one if not more USB ports, no local Ethernet port. In this scenario, Thee DocKtor recommends to use USB media to deploy from. Setup a USB bootable pre-installation environment with the Targus UDS GbE loaded by script. Method 1. You can use WinPE to load the DisplayLink Ethernet driver then proceed to boot from the network boot image server. WinPe, script and DisplayLink Ethernet driver need to be loaded on an external USB drive, and the computer set to boot from USB. http://support.displaylink.com/knowledgebase/articles/613518 Method 2. Another alternative is iPXE which also is required to be loaded on an external USB drive from which to boot. http://support.displaylink.com/knowledgebase/articles/913197-using-displaylink-ethernet-for-network-pxe-boot   Please feel free to post other ideas to this blog. Thanks for your support.