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Targus Validates DisplayLink 9.2M2 for Windows

- Posted in: Tech Talk
Targus Validates DisplayLink 9.2M2 for Windows

Targus has validated the Windows 10 DisplayLink version 9.2M2 software and drivers for all DisplayLink-based Targus Universal Docking Stations models DOCK1XX, DOCK5XX, and ACP7X.  

The version 9.2M2 software and drivers are required for use with the Targus docking station utilities and recommended for all Window 10 PC hosts.

It is available from Windows Update and https://us.targus.com/pages/driver-support.  Enterprise customers may also download the corporate version INF/MSI files from the associated Targus.com product pages, i.e. https://www.targus.com/form/download.aspx?regionid=7&sku=DOCK190USZ&tab=other

The devices are shown in the Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Device Manager as:

  • Network adapters:  Targus Ethernet as 9.2.2057.0
  • Sound, video, and game controllers: Targus Audio 9.2.2212.0
  • Display adapters (Windows 10): Targus Docking Station (varies) as 9.2.2335.0

New Features

  • Windows 10 postponed installation: when pushing the MSI to users, the driver (inclusive of Ethernet) will be updated immediately when no DisplayLink product is detected, or at the next machine reboot if a device is detected.
  • Windows 10 postponed installation improvement: now uses service rather than task scheduler for wider compatibility in corporate deployments.
  • Performance improvement for DL-6000 series on Windows 10.

Latest Improvements

  • Bug Fixes. A list of all updates in 9.1M0 can be found in the release notes, assets.displaylink.com/live/downloads/release-notes/f1421_DisplayLink+USB+Graphics+Software+for+Windows+9.2+M2-Release+Notes.txt .
  • Wake-on-LAN from S5 could be disabled if USB was reconnected during machine shutdown, or wake up when LAN cable added
  • Display may sometimes blink with video conferencing software
  • Timing dependency may lead to some drivers not being updated when installing new INF-based driver.
  • Monitor details (EDID) could not be read, leading to default safe resolution of 640x480

Validation with Targus Universal Docking Station Utilities

Version 9.2M2 has been put through a full system test and is suitable for deployment to end-users.  It has also been validated with all applicable Targus Utilities.  However, not every Targus Utility has been validated with every Targus Universal Docking Station on every Windows build or platform.  Please contact your Targus representative or DocKtor with questions.