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Hidden Benefits Of Using Privacy Screens

December 04, 20 - Posted in: Lifestyle
Hidden Benefits Of Using Privacy Screens

Virtually every digital device—from laptops to smartphones—emits blue light, a short wavelength but high-energy light used to create crisp images on LED-backlit screens. Studies suggest that prolonged exposure to blue light may be linked to light sensitivity, eye strain, and fatigue and that too much blue light may disrupt the body’s natural circadian rhythms, making it harder to fall asleep.

One of the side effects of working or learning from home has been that many people – both adults and children alike – are spending longer hours reading or working on a computer. In many cases, both adults and children have experienced a 50% increase in screen time1

Why use a computer privacy screen?

A young woman typing while using a computer privacy screen

Here are some ways to reduce the potentially harmful effects of increased screen time and prolonged exposure to blue light.

SHUT DOWN EARLY. Limit or avoid TV, computers and smartphones after dark. Avoid looking at bright screens beginning two to three hours before bedtime.

TAKE BREAKS. If you can’t cut the hours you need to be on your computer, remember to take frequent breaks to focus on something other than your computer screen.

GET SOME NATURAL RAYS. Expose yourself to sunlight during the day to keep your circadian rhythm in check and boost your ability to sleep at night.

USE 4VU PRIVACY SCREENS. Available in various sizes for laptops, monitors, and tablet screens, privacy screens are blue light screen protectors and reduce your exposure as you work. They also offer other benefits including:

  • Shielding screen content from casual onlookers—without compromising screen clarity
  • Preventing bacteria growth on the privacy screen due to its anti-microbial properties*
  • Blocking screen glare with its anti-reflective coating

Learn more about Targus 4Vu Privacy Screens at https://us.targus.com/pages/privacy-screens

*Anti-microbial coating available on select privacy screens.

1Wartella, Ellen. As Kids’ Screen Time Surges During The Pandemic, Here’s What Research Suggests.

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