USB Type-C for Targus Universal Docking Stations

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USB Type-C for Targus Universal Docking Stations | Tech Talk | Discover Targus Blog
All of Targus' Universal Docking Stations work with a USB Type-C (host side) to USB Type-B (dock side) cable like these:
  1. J&D USB C (USB 3.1 Type C) to USB B (3.0 Type B) Cable 6.6 Feet. Thee DocKtor's review.
Another way to use the current USB docking stations is to connect an adapter between the host USB Type-C and the host side of the dock's USB Type-A cable like theses:
  1. World's Smallest USB-C to USB-A Full Aluminum Mini Adapter, The DocKtor's review.
  2. USB-C OTG Cable, ELUCTO @ High Quality USB 3.1 Type C male to USB 3.0 A Female OTG Host Cable 4 Inch. Thee DocKtor's review.
  3. Qube Gadget USB Type C Female Adapter 3.1 Male to USB Type A 3.0 OTG Cable 8 Inch. Thee DocKtor's review.
  4. Type-C To USB 3.0 Adapter, Kirin(TM) 10cm USB 3.1 Usb-c Usb3.1 Type C Male to USB 3.0 a Female OTG Host Cable Adapter. The DocKtor's review.
  5. USB 3.1 Type C to USB-A Adapter OTG Cable, JOTO USB-C 3.1 Type-C to USB 3.0 Type A Adapter. Thee DocKtor's review.
  6. Demacia Reversible Design USB 3.1 Type C Male Connector to a Female Otg Data for Tablet&mobile Phone. Thee DocKtor's review.

Dell XPS12 USB Type-C to USB 3.0 Type-B

You can verify the dock and its devices are connected at USB SuperSpeed in the Device Manager as shown above. Note, the power functionality of the USB Type-C is not yet available for Targus UDS.

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