A blueprint for retaining top talent, reducing real estate costs, and helping employees achieve strategic goals.

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It's All About Choice

Boost productivity, increase employee engagement, recruit top talent, and reduce real estate costs. How, you ask? Flexible workspaces empower employees to work in ways that make them most productive. They decide when and where they work, from their start time to their location. And that translates to delivering on strategic goals and business results. Not just based in the physical design of an office, though, flexible workspaces are rooted in the culture and policies of an organization.

The Low Down on Flex Working (aka Activity-Based Working)

We partnered with author of "The Future of Work" and keynote speaker Jacob Morgan for further insight into the topic of Activity-Based Working, one facet of flexible working, in which office environments are designed to accommodate the nuances of various types of work. Learn how it benefits professionals and the organizations in which they work.

Activity-Based Working:
Good for Employees and the Bottom Line

A deep dive into the realm of Activity-Based Working, this article by Jacob Morgan goes beyond the types of spaces employees are working in to explain the cultural and structural changes necessary to create flexible workspaces.



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The Employee Experience

Improving your employees' in-office experience can increase revenue. Find out what's working in workspaces and the impact of a flexible work environment.



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Make a Flex Workspace Work with Tech

Today's flex work buzzwords whirl around hoteling, hot-desking, and collaboration areas like huddle rooms. Discover the trends and tech that help make it happen.



Organizations that are Flexing Those Tech Muscles

Integral to a flexible workspace is the right tech to make it, well, flex. Life insurance giant New York Life and Australian dairy company Fonterra aimed to attract top IT talent and improve their workforce productivity. Targus docking stations were a key part of both organizations' evolution.


One Insurance Company's Drive to Attract Top IT Talent

Discover how the organization changed their corporate culture and designed two open-concept environments that are now powered by Targus universal docking stations.



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Fonterra's Push for a More Productive Work Environment

Spurred by a laptop refresh on the horizon and the relocation of more than 1,000 employees, Fonterra moved from a traditional desk layout to an Activity-Based Working environment.



Targus Universal Docking Station

Targus Universal Docking Stations

Our docking stations are a key technology solution to enabling flexible workspaces and keeping employees connected and productive. Let us help you set the stage for higher workforce productivity and lower cost of ownership.