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17-Inch Laptop Sleeves & Cases

Accessories Made to Last A Lifetime

Cases. Bags. Cooling mats. Targus’ collection contains an array of accessories to keep your large-screen devices safe, accessible, and powerful while on the go. Our wide variety of tech accessories and “buy it for life” bags are suitable for school, work, and travel. From sleek 17-inch laptop sleeves to antimicrobial office cases and heavy-duty travel rollers, our selection provides solutions for diverse tastes and needs. Browse through different collections, styles, and colors to find the best product to protect your 17-inch device with.

Premium Protection

From foam padding to patented shock-resistant technologies, Targus’s collection of 17-inch laptop bags provide the protection level you need to keep your expensive device in tip-top shape. Our 17-inch laptop bags and sleeves are made with multiple protective layers to shield your laptop from liquid spills, scratches and scuffs, and accidental drops.

Versatile Accessories

Targus’ is dedicated to expanding your laptop’s potential. Keep your portable workstation cool with cooling pads designed for large laptops. Protect your digital life wherever you are with our 17-inch privacy screens. With Targus accessories, your 17-inch laptop will always be operating at peak performance.

Spacious Interiors

Our 17-inch laptop bags are designed with strategically placed compartments and pockets to allow you to store and carry all your needed gear. Want to carry workstation accessories to the office and back home? Our laptop bags contain spacious interiors to place your docking station, keyboard, cables, and other accessories for added convenience.

Cutting-Edge Solutions

Targus’ 17-inch laptop sleeves and bags provide innovative solutions to make your life easier. Our 17-inch laptop bag collection offers TSA-friendly and COVID-conscious carriers to make traveling both safe and easy. Targus’s patented checkpoint-friendly solutions allow you to pass through airport security without removing your laptop from the bag.

Shop Targus’  Premium Laptop Bags

Invest in a Targus laptop bag to protect your device from damage and make life more convenient. Shop our premium laptop bags now or contact customer service at 877.482.7487 to seek help in finding the best computer carrier for your needs.