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Increase Connectivity. Decrease Downtime.

Universal docks help free up desk space and keep cables tangle-free. Since a single connection links all your peripherals to your laptop, your workspace stays neat and organized to keep you productive. With VGA and DVI to HDMI and DisplayPort®, Targus docks support various connections. You'll also get the most out of your workstation by plugging in your USB-C (aka USB Type-C) and Thunderbolt™ devices, too. Plus, shop with confidence knowing your purchase is backed by our three-year limited warranty. Count on Targus docks to provide a reliable connection and stand up to daily use during even the most demanding workdays.

Increase Connectivity. Decrease Downtime.

Turn your laptop into a workstation with a Targus docking station, capable of seamlessly connecting your host device to monitors, computer peripherals, and other PC accessories. Ideal for remote and flex workers, creative departments, and business and enterprise environments alike, Targus laptop docking stations streamline workspaces and maximize productivity.

Simplify Your Everyday Connections With Multi-Platform Capability

A single USB cable easily expands workstations with the addition of multiple displays and your go-to peripherals. There's no need to plug in accessories each time you come and go from your desk.

Our docks work with Mac® and PC platforms, as well as with Chrome OS™, Android™, and Linux®. This broad compatibility supports flex-working applications like hoteling and hot-desking, and provides a future-proof solution that eliminates the need for replacement during every laptop refresh.

Create a Powerful Workstation With Ultra-Useful Features

4K Video

Whether you are editing photos, creating content, or you just want to stream movies in ultra-high definition, a 4K-capable docking station is for you. You'll get four times the quality of 1080P high-definition views with 4K resolution.

Dual Displays

It’s faster and easier to switch between documents or view spreadsheets side-by-side when you have two monitors instead of one. A Targus dual display dock gives you more screen real estate to work with to help boost your productivity.

Power Delivery

Keep your adapter in the bag with a laptop docking station that delivers power. You'll power up your laptop and your smartphone with your dock, and there's no need to plug in to an external wall power supply every time you arrive at your desk.

Thunderbolt™ 3 Compatibility

Ideal for the needs of professionals like designers, engineers, and animators that demand high speeds. Plug in your peripherals and monitors to a Thunderbolt 3 compatible dock to take advantage of the protocol's operating speeds of up to 40Gbps.


Here are some of the Targus frequently asked questions

What does a laptop dock do?

Laptop docks allow you to experience an enhanced workspace with full connectivity to monitors, printers, and other peripherals. It also helps you keep your desk organized by getting wires out of the way.

Is it better to use a docking station for your laptop?

Using a dock will expand the functionality of your laptop to help you achieve a desktop workstation experience. With an external monitor, peripherals like a mouse and keyboard, and even a constant power supply, you will no longer need to invest in a desktop computer setup.

What is the difference between a USB hub and a laptop dock?

While USB hubs expand the number of ports on your device to increase your peripheral connections, a dock typically has a charging port. This transfers power from a charger through the dock to your laptop, allowing you to have a desktop-like experience with a constant power supply, monitor connection, and more.