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Getting through TSA checkpoints is never fun. But it can be fast with an airport security laptop bag from Targus. We’ve engineered this collection of computer bags and laptop cases to help you zoom through security screenings at the airport.

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Patented Checkpoint-Friendly Design

Patented Checkpoint-Friendly Design

Designed to meet airport standards, the checkpoint-friendly feature allows the laptop to remain inside the case for a clear X-ray scan.

Why Buy a Targus Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Bag?

Fly Through Airport Security
Keep your laptop safe and protected while you travel with our patented checkpoint-friendly design. Just unzip the bag, lay it flat on the conveyor belt, and send it right through the X-ray machine. Our airport security laptop bag is designed to make dealing with the TSA a breeze.

No More Safety Scares
Your laptop stays inside of its dedicated pocket inside the backpack during the entire security check where it’s safe from bumps, drops, theft, and from being left behind at the TSA checkpoint. With an airport security laptop bag from Targus, you can spend less time worrying about damage to your computer and more time making yourself comfortable for your flight.

Easily Prepare for Takeoff
With options for laptops ranging in size from 14” to 17” and storage capacities up to 34 liters, we have something for every traveler in our collection of TSA laptop backpacks. Getting yourself ready for lift off has never been easier! Just choose your bag style, strap type, and whether you’d like extras ranging from an eco-friendly bag to an optional water bottle holder.