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At Targus, we consider everything you need to work comfortably — wherever you are. With laptop cooling pads that you can pack for business trips, performance travels with you. Or for reliable cooling at your everyday workspace, keep a laptop stand with a fan on your desk.

Your laptop will always be performing at max potential thanks to your laptop chill mat or laptop cooling stand. Keeping your laptop cool is one of the best ways to ensure faster processing and peak efficiency from your tech.

Don’t be caught without essential cooling technology because you can’t find the right mat size or thickness! At Targus, our laptop cooling mats and fans come in a variety of sizes to fit popular consumer and professional laptop models. They also come with many unique features, including:

  • Single & Dual Fan Options
  • Single & Multi-Port Hubs
  • Soft Neoprene Exteriors
  • Ventilated Grills
  • Adjustable Angles & Heights

Minimize Heat. Maximize Productivity.

Laptops might be getting smaller and thinner, but they’re still packed with powerful equipment that powers them. And those internals emit plenty of heat as they perform. This excess heat can be uncomfortable for you, and has the potential to damage your laptop if not properly regulated. Help combat those rising temperatures and protect your laptop from overheating with a Targus cooling pad.

Shop our comfortable, ergonomic cooling mats that will disperse heat while you work. These laptop cooler pad models make your laptop experience more enjoyable, every time you need to plug in.

Regarding pricing, there are several options available to suit your budget. We have carefully categorized the prices to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the range. For those looking for a more affordable option, we offer cooling pads priced between $20 to $40, with two options available in this range. If you are willing to invest a bit more, our selection includes cooling pads priced between $40 to $60, with four different choices to choose from. For those seeking higher-end cooling pads, we have one option available in the $60 to $80 price range. Lastly, for those looking for top-of-the-line cooling pads, we offer one option priced between $80 to $100. With this detailed breakdown, you can easily find a cooling pad that aligns with your desired price range.

Keep Your Work Surface Uncluttered

Keeping heat away from your laptop doesn’t need to mean cluttered or bulky solutions. With a svelte Targus cooling pad for your laptop, your desk can keep its minimal, uncluttered aesthetic. Plus, our height adjustable models reduce the need for even more peripherals cluttering your space.

Designed for All

It’s not just media pros or gamers who need to keep their professional or gaming laptop cool. Modern tech has gotten faster and faster thanks to improved processors. And that means heat, which can be uncomfortable at best and dangerous to your tech at worst.

All this changes with a reliable Targus lap chill mat. Everything from RGB laptop models to fanless consumer models can stay cool and efficient. Our laptop cooling stand options were designed to fit many modern, popular laptop models.

With a laptop cooling pad, you can keep your work, game, or chill flowing. Plus, this item makes a great gift.

Targus Quality

We stand by the quality of every product we sell. This includes our laptop cooling stand and laptop cooling mat models.

You can trust that the laptop cooling pads from Targus deliver high-quality performance through our innovative design and premium materials. Whether you are at your desk, commuting, or traveling abroad, keep cool. Targus has everything you need to protect and optimize your tech to suit your lifestyle.

At Targus, we offer much more than reliable laptop cooling pads. Browse from any of our products and durable accessories to equip your laptop, tablet, or all three!