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Keyboards and Mice

Upgrade your workstation and options for working on the go with Targus keyboards and keyboard peripherals. No piece of equipment is too small to have a big effect on your productivity and comfort while working. Browse our keyboard and mouse collection online to see how you could transform your work environment.

Easy to Travel, Easy to Use
Our options vary in size and portability, from slim and compact to full-featured designs. Regardless of size, our keyboards and peripherals are designed to be lightweight and durable so you can carry them with ease when traveling. To keep your tech secure, carry all your devices together in a durable laptop bag or case.

We also designed our keyboards and accessories to be easy to use, whether at home, in your office, or on the go. Most of our accessories feature instant plug-and-play functionality over USB connection. Easily connect your keyboard or mouse wherever you are.

Options Designed with You in Mind
At Targus, we aim to provide premium tech protection and accessories that are perfect for you. That’s why our collection of keyboards and mice has a range of options. With both wireless and wired selections available in different sizes and styles, you can be sure you’ll find the peripherals your workspace needs.

If you’re not sure what accessories will be the best fit for you, try the Accessory Finder to see the keyboard peripherals and other tech accessories that are compatible with your device. You’ll be sure to find the keyboard or mouse online that best fits your tech needs.

Enhance Your Computer Experience
Targus offers a variety of high-quality, portable keyboards and keyboard peripherals. Explore more of our accessories to learn how you can further enhance your computer experience.