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Higher-end stylus pens with true precision can be extremely useful for users who need to produce high-quality drawings or documents that will be printed. Artists, designers, and professionals who require precise and accurate input on their touch screen devices would greatly benefit from these stylus pens.

Stylus pens differ significantly in precision and sensitivity, with some offering more precision for selecting options on the screen. There are also more advanced stylus pens available with exact, narrow tips that provide enhanced precision. Some stylus pens are also sensitive to the degree of pressure the user applies, which can be useful for tasks like detailed drawing.

More advanced stylus pens with exact, narrow tips offer enhanced precision, making them suitable for tasks that require fine details. The sensitivity to pressure allows users to vary the thickness and intensity of their strokes, which is particularly useful for detailed drawing or sketching. These features provide a more natural and accurate input method for users.

Stylus Pens & More for iPads
From Android to Apple, Targus has all the essential tablet accessories you need to maintain your touch screen functionality wherever you go. With a comprehensive selection of screen protectors, privacy screens, cords, and stylus pens for iPads and touch screen devices, you’ll never be without your most important tech tools. Browse our tablet accessories to discover the products that will help you reimagine the way you work.

Providing Privacy & Precision
At Targus, we strive to meet your every technological need before you even know you need it. We carry everything from touch screen and iPad drawing accessories to cooling pads and power tips. Whether you’re wearing gloves or just want to avoid touching surfaces in public places, you can use our stylus pens for iPads or any other touch screen device and know they’ll deliver a fingerprint- and smudge-free performance. The tip glides across the screen smoothly and gives you an accurate tap selection. There is even a magnetic stylus option that adheres to your device for added convenience.

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