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USB-C Hubs For All of Your Tech Needs

As laptops transition to slimmer designs, they're eliminating the ports necessary to connect key peripherals. Luckily, you can turn one port into many with our universal USB C hubs with Alt Mode functionality. Browse our selection to find the perfect solution for your needs and expand the functionality of your devices today.

Create a Powerful Workstation

We work hard to make sure that our products drive productivity and make the complex simple. That’s why we have a range of USB C docking station options with a variety of features that can turn your single USB-C port into many ports. With USB-C DP Alt Mode docks having ethernet jacks, 4K video output, USB-A ports, and more, you can turn a simple laptop into a powerful workstation, complete with a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Check out our many dock options below.

  • Phone Docks: We have USB Type-C hub options for all of your business, school, or travel needs. For easy smartphone integration with your dock, check out our universal phone dock, the Targus USB C Alt Mode Travel Dock. This dock allows you to charge your smartphone, do video conferencing using your front- or rear-facing camera, and features additional HDMI, USB, SD card, and Ethernet ports.
  • Single-Video Dock: With this docking station, in addition to plugging in your essential peripherals — like hard drives, flash drives, keyboards, and mice — you can connect a single monitor. Lightweight and compact, it’s a breeze to take wherever you go.
  • Dual-Video Dock: Perhaps you’re starting your day at one office, attending a meeting at a second, and working from home in the evening, and you need a couple of HDMI monitors to make the workday seamless. Our dual-HDMI USB Type-C docking stations offer the flexibility to connect your laptop to two external monitors and your peripherals with one single cable — making it easy for you to get work done.
  • Triple-Video Dock: Create a productive and powerful workstation with our multi-function docking station for connecting as many as three monitors as well as your must-have accessories. This powerful and sleek docking station works with multiple operating systems and brands.

Targus’ Commitment to Quality

Regardless of which USB Type-C hub you choose, you can count on our quality. With our industry-leading warranty and Targus Advantage Rewards program to receive additional perks and discounts, we make shopping for mobile tech easy. Explore the selection at Targus today!

Unlock Advanced Connectivity with USB-C DP Alternate Mode

At Targus, we take pride in staying ahead of the curve in technology advancements, providing cutting-edge solutions like the USB-C DP Alternate Mode in our range of products. By integrating the USB-C DisplayPort Alt Mode Hub into our docks, we ensure that your video signals are transmitted seamlessly, and your 4K HDMI ports are utilized to their full potential.

Unleash the Power of Data Transferring and Connectivity

Our USB C hub docking station is designed to cater to the needs of professionals who require robust data transferring capabilities, combined with a variety of connectivity options. With an Ethernet connection for stable internet access, USB C connectors for a wide range of devices, and headphone jacks for private listening, our docks have got you covered.

Experience Superior Video Quality and Charging Solutions

The DisplayPort Alternate Mode allows you to connect your USB C device directly to a monitor or projector, transmitting high-definition video signals with ease. Furthermore, our docks are equipped with USB C Power Delivery, ensuring that your devices stay charged and ready to go. The inclusion of a charging port means that you can power up your device while simultaneously transferring data and connecting to multiple peripherals.

Targus: Your Partner in Advanced Connectivity

Choose Targus for a seamless and hassle-free connectivity experience. Explore our range of products today and discover how we can help you unlock the full potential of your devices with our advanced USB-C DP Alternate Mode docks and hubs. Your journey towards enhanced productivity and connectivity starts here!