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USB-C Docking Stations For All of Your Tech Needs

As laptops transition to slimmer designs, they're eliminating the essential ports necessary to connect key peripherals. Luckily, you can turn one port into many with a USB-C docking station. Browse our selection to find the perfect solution for your needs and expand the functionality of your devices today.

Create a Powerful Workstation
We work hard to make sure our products drive productivity and make the complex simple. . That’s why we have a range of USB-C docks with a variety of features that can turn your single USB-C port into many different ports. With docks having ethernet jacks, 4K video output, USB-A ports, and more, you can turn a simple laptop into a powerful workstation, complete with a keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

A Solution That Fits Your Life
Are you starting your day at one office, attending a meeting at a second, and working from home in the evening? A USB-C docking station gives you the flexibility to connect your laptop to external monitors and peripherals with one single cable — making it easy for you to get work done.

Connectivity Galore
We have USB-C docks for all of your business, school, or travel needs. For easy smartphone integration with your dock, check out our Universal USB-C Phone Dock. This dock allows you to charge your smartphone, supports video conferencing using your front- or rear-facing camera, and features additional HDMI, USB, SD card, and Ethernet ports.

Targus’ Commitment to Quality
Regardless of which USB-C docking station you choose, you can count on quality. With our industry-leading warranty and Targus Advantage Rewards program to receive additional perks and discounts, we make shopping for mobile tech easy. Explore the selection at Targus today.