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Experience Universal USB-C Docks

With a universal USB-C docking station, you can go from laptop to desktop with a single USB connection. Thanks to the power and versatility of USB-C, you can connect your accessories, including peripherals. Targus USB docking stations are fully tested for a wide variety of platforms and operating systems. You can be confident that our docks will be compatible with your workstation!

Connect More

With a Targus docking station, you can enjoy using USB accessories, a secure Ethernet connection, and better audio. You can even leverage the ability to connect to multiple monitors all at the same time. With everything passing through the docking station, you’re all set once you connect your laptop through its USB-C port.

Check out our many universal USB-C docking station options below.

  • Dual, Triple & Quad Docks: It’s never been easier to streamline your mobile workspace with our dual, triple, and quad display docking stations. At your multi-monitor workspace, use it to support up to four displays via HDMI or DisplayPort (depending on the dock). It will also accommodate your important accessories, including your external hard drive, keyboard, and mouse!
  • 4K Docking Stations: We don’t settle for anything but the best. Our 4K docking stations are the perfect solution for graphic designers, digital artists, and more. If you need the fine detail and high quality of a 4K monitor, look no further. You’ll love the high quality connectivity of a USB-C dock.

Why Choose Targus Universal Docking Stations?

In the Targus USB docking station collection, there’s a docking station designed for every workflow. Our universal USB-C docking station makes the laptop-to-desktop transformation the simplest it can possibly be.

Let us know if you have any questions to ask us. We can help you out. Find some of the best tech accessories at Targus!


Are All Docks A Universal Laptop Docking Station?

There are many solutions to extend your laptop’s computing power. But not all computing solutions are universal laptop docking station solutions. We recommend searching for a docking station that specifically mentions universal connection.

To learn more about the best universal dock station insights, check out our recent blog post.

What Does A Laptop Dock Do?

Laptop docks allow you to experience an enhanced workspace with full connectivity to monitors, printers, and other peripherals. It also helps you keep your desk organized by getting wires out of the way. With a laptop docking station, universal connectivity is the order of the day.

They are perfect for offices, a home office, or work travel scenarios.

Is It Better To Use A Docking Station For Your Laptop?

Using a dock will expand the functionality of your laptop to help you achieve a desktop workstation experience. Enjoy your external monitor, peripherals, and more through a constantly powered solution. With a docking station, your laptop computing experience can rival a desktop computer.

What Is The Difference Between A USB Hub And A Universal Laptop Dock?

While USB hubs expand the number of ports on your device to increase your peripheral connections, a dock typically adds video connections, ethernet connection and can provide power to the laptop or host using the dock’s own power supply or by passing thru power via USB-C power pass-thru. Power Delivery allows you to have a desktop-like experience with a constant power supply.