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At Targus, we know privacy screens are one of the most important tools for a business person on the go. Whether you work during your commute or spend time working in a coffee shop, the sensitive information on your computer screen stays safe when you use Targus privacy screens. With screen sizes that range from 9.7” to 30”, we have options for everything from tablets to laptops. Explore the innovative solutions we offer to discover styles built specifically for your computer make and model.

Specialty Features and Specifications
Everything at Targus is thoughtfully designed to anticipate your every need while working with a computer or tablet. Durable, reliable, and versatile, all of our Targus privacy screens are easy to install and built to last. Some of the most important features we’ve developed include:

  • Blocked viewing from any angle
  • Easy installation with magnetic attachments
  • Comfortable viewing with blue light filters
  • Non-reflective, anti-glare filters
  • Fingerprint proof
  • Maintaining touchscreen sensitivity
  • Anti-microbial: helps prevent bacteria growth on the privacy screen

While many of our screens are made for specific computer brands, like the Lenovo T-Series or MacBook Pro Series, we do offer options that are universal. In addition, several of our screens were designed to include unique features like reversible screens, reusable adhesive strips, screen protector functionality, and widescreen compatibility.

More Privacy from Targus
When we develop our security products, we consider more than just the onscreen data you might be working with. Targus has created a number of other security and protection options, from universal cable locks to tempered glass screen protectors. No matter what tools you need to make working anywhere simpler, Targus is here to help. Shop Targus privacy screens and more today.