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Tablet Accessories

Finding the Right Accessories

No matter your choice of tablet, Targus has all the essential accessories you need. With a full selection of screen protectors, privacy screens, styli, cords, adapters, and more, we have everything you need. Browse our accessory pages to find the products that are right for you

Not sure if an accessory is compatible with your tablet? Try our Accessory Finder, the fast, easy way to find compatible tablet screen protectors and other accessories you need for your electronic devices. Simply input your device model, and we’ll show you compatible tablet accessories with a single search.

Protect Your Screen Privacy

Keep your private information safe from overly curious eyes with a privacy screen for your tablet computer. Targus offers its patented 4Vu™ Privacy Screens in a range of sizes to fit multiple iPad® models and Microsoft Surface®, as well as laptops and desktop monitors.

Put a Charge in Your Devices

Perhaps no tablet accessories are more essential than those that allow you to charge your devices and maintain power for a long time. Choose from iStore charging accessories or Targus power adapters and find the wattage, plug type, and design that’s right for your tablet.

Write or Draw With Precision

Are you tired of getting fingerprints on your screen every time you try to write? Do your sketches sometimes look a little weird because you couldn’t see that your finger placement was just a little bit off? With the use of a stylus, you can take notes and create beautiful drawings with accuracy. The rubber tips won’t scratch your screen or cause smudges, making styli one of the must-have tablet accessories.