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Carry, Protect, and Connect with our MacBook® Accessories

Targus has everything you need to carry, protect, and connect your MacBook®. Stay productive all day long with our collection of Mac® accessories like ergonomic keyboards, headsets, USB-C hubs, and more.

Designed to Work With You

Whether you’re a student, a business professional, or you’re shopping for your travel or leisure needs, Targus has you covered. We have an extensive collection of products that enable you to easily carry, protect, and connect your tech. From various Mac® accessories and docking stations designed to increase productivity to durable laptop backpacks that secure your gear on your commute, we have the products designed to work with you.

Enjoy a streamlined, maximized workflow, no matter your device. To find more accessories compatible with your devices, check out our Accessory Finder.

Innovative Solutions for Today

We are always innovating. Check out our new arrivals to see the latest from Targus.

In today’s globalized environment, staying connected is more important than ever. The MacBook® accessories at Targus help you seamlessly integrate your technology so you can connect when you need it most. We’re here to provide you with the innovative, intuitive solutions you need to seamlessly integrate technology into your lifestyle.

For more purposeful solutions for your technology, lifestyle, travel, and career needs, read more on our Discover Targus blog.


How do I connect more peripherals to my MacBook®?

You can connect more peripherals with USB-C hubs. USB-C hubs will help you add more ports to your Mac®, so you can connect your mouse, keyboard, or other peripherals that you need to stay productive.

Can I personalize my MacBook®?

MacBook® accessories can be used to personalize your MacBook® to both your personal and professional needs. Business professionals may opt for USB-C hubs to improve their workflow with new peripherals, while a student may opt for a laptop case to keep their laptop safe when it’s in their bag with a stack of textbooks.

Will these Mac® accessories work with my MacBook®?

The MacBook® accessories at Targus are designed to work with most modern Macbooks®. For cases and bags, be sure to check the model and size of your MacBook® first to ensure compatibility.

Should I use a sleeve for my MacBook®?

Like backpacks or crossbody bags, sleeves will protect against accidental bumps and drops when you’re on your commute or you’re at home. The choice of using a sleeve, backpack, or other bag is based on your carrying preference. Sleeves are effective for protecting just your Macbook® and carrying some minimal gear, while a backpack is better for carrying all of your tech with you on the go.