February 5, 24

What is USB-C with Power Delivery (PD)?

Learn the difference between USB-C and Power Delivery with our latest Tech Talk article.
December 27, 23

Targus Wins CES 2024 Innovation Award using Atmosic ATM2 based Bluetooth LE SoC for its ErgoFlip EcoSmart Mouse

Targus’ eco-friendly mouse is made from 85% post-consumer recycled plastic, comes in packaging from recycled materials, and uses Atmosic’s ultra-low power Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), lowering energy consumption by four times than other BLE chipsets.

Targus®, the number one laptop bag brand in the U.S.1 and a leader in laptop cases and mobile computing accessories, has announced that their ErgoFlip™ EcoSmart™ Mouse was selected as a CES® 2024 Innovation Award Honoree in the Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy category. The ErgoFlip EcoSmart Mouse uses an Atmosic ATM2 Bluetooth SoC that is four times more energy efficient than other BLE chipsets, reducing power consumption and extending battery life.

This eco-friendly, ambidextrous mouse demonstrated innovative features that scored highly by an elite panel of industry expert judges for incorporating sustainability into the product’s design and manufacturing processes. The ErgoFlip EcoSmart Mouse combines ergonomics with a sustainable design to convert from left- to right-hand use with a simple twist of the top, is made from 85% percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic and is packaged using recycled materials.

“Receiving the CES Innovation Award is an honor and a testament to our company’s ongoing commitment to bringing purposeful products to market that are helping to pave the path toward a greener future,” says Mike Sexton, Sr. Director of Global Product Management and Development of Targus. “What makes this product so unique is that it’s the first ergonomic mouse available in the market that easily works with either hand while also delivering eco-friendly benefits that are important to today’s consumers and businesses.”

This unique mouse is the latest addition to Targus’ lineup of EcoSmart tech accessories following the launch of its CES 2023 Innovation Award Honoree, the Sustainable Energy Harvesting EcoSmart™ Keyboard, which launched earlier this year. The ErgoFlip EcoSmart Mouse is now available at and through participating retailers throughout the US, Canada, and Europe.

Consumers and media can get a firsthand glimpse of this revolutionary product during CES 2024, the most powerful tech event in the world happening in Las Vegas from Jan. 9-12, 2024. Targus’s booth #15945 will be located in the Central Hall within the Las Vegas Convention Center. Additionally, the product will be on display in the CES Innovation Awards Showcase and at CES Unveiled, the premier media preview event taking place at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center on the evening of Jan. 7.

1Source: Circana, US/Canada Retail and US B2B Reseller in Unit Sales for 12ME June 2023 (Laptop Bag case type = Briefcase, Sleeve, Attache, Slipcase, Messenger Bag)

Targus, ErgoFlip, EcoSmart, and DefenseGuard are trademarks or registered trademarks of Targus International LLC in the U.S. and in certain other countries. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.  

November 21, 23

Update Lenovo BIOS for Type-C Charging Issue

Read the latest Tech Talk article about the Lenovo T14 G1/G2 BIOS for Type-C Charging Issue. 
November 9, 23

Hot-Plugging Dock Power to 100WDC PC Issues

Targus DocKtors have discovered that some Windows PCs that Power Delivery Contract (PDC) at 100WDC (5A @ 20VDC) may draw more than 5A upon hot plugging a 100WDC PD 3.0 docking station to them.

These issues may manifest as:

  1. No Power Delivery Contract (PDC) or dock functions available for the PC.
  2. A PDC but with Over Current Protection (OCP) trip (no current draw) and/or no dock functionality.
  3. A PDC but with no video and/or Ethernet from the dock’s ports.

Targus is working with the associated PC vendors to rectify the problem. Targus always recommends keeping OS, firmware, and software current for best performance and functionality.

With some PC and dock combinations Targus may have a work around.

If you experience the issues, please contact you’re your PC OEM and Targus representative or DocKtor for further support or information.

Please contact your Targus representative or DocKtor for further support or information.

US Website:
Telephone: 1-800-283-6325

Canada Website:

Australia Website:
Email:, Telephone: 1800-641-645

New Zealand Telephone: 0800-633-222

Latin America Email:

Asia Pacific Website:

October 17, 23

Targus Validates DisplayLink 11.2M0 Software & Drivers Update

Targus has validated the Synaptics DisplayLink version 11.2M0 software and drivers for all DisplayLink-based Targus Universal and Hybrid Docking Station models DOCK1XX, DOCK3XX, DOCK5XX, and DOCK7XX for Windows 10/11 for X64 and ARM64 processors.

The 10.2M0 release is available from Targus Driver Support and should be available from Windows Update soon after this post. Enterprise customers may also download the corporate version INF/MSI files from the associated product pages through the Driver tab at this portal.

Driver Versions

The associated dock device drivers may show in the Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Device Manager as:

  • Display adapters: Targus Docking Station (varies) as 11.2.3146.0
  • Network adapters: Targus Ethernet as 11.2.3084.0
  • Sound, video, and game controllers: Targus Audio as 11.2.3084.0

New features

  • Improved performance in GPU intensive use cases

Issues addressed since 11.0M0 Release

  • Improved blanking of monitors on USB disconnects.
  • Monitor may stay blank screen after PC resume from sleep.
  • EXE package only: Prevent dynamic library sideloading at elevated privilege during installation execution. For more information refer to CVE-2023-4936 and Synaptic Security Advisory CVE-2023-4936.

The full release notes are here.

Validation with Targus Universal Docking Station Utilities

Version 11.2M0 has been put through extensive validation with all applicable Targus Utilities, but not every Targus Utility has been validated with every Targus universal docking station on every Windows 10 or 11 build or platform. Targus always recommends corporations validate the update in their secure corporate environment before mass distribution.

Validation with Legacy Targus Docks

Although they may function with 11.2M0, older DL3900 based Targus Universal Docking Stations models DSUXXX and ACPXXX have not been validated.

Additional Support

For Technical Support, please visit:

US Website:
Telephone: 1-800-283-6325

Canada Website:

Australia Website:
Email:, Telephone: 1800-641-645

New Zealand Telephone: 0800-633-222

Latin America Email:

October 11, 23

DisplayLink Releases v.11.2M0 for Windows

DisplayLink announced v.11.2M0 for Windows is now available. 
October 5, 23

No CVE-2023-4863 at Targus or Hyper

While most Targus/Hyper docks, adapters, and products can be used with Google Chrome, none appear to be affected by Chrome Zero Day
September 20, 23

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Travel Backpacks for the Avid Globetrotter

In this article, we'll explore the best laptop travel backpack options for every kind of jetsetter. From traditional designs to unique functionality, these backpacks handle tech protection with style. Read on to find the perfect backpack for you.
August 18, 23

Key Applications and Benefits of Dual Host Docks

Dual Host docking stations with KVM sharing allow users to get more out of a single docking station. Join our webinar to learn more about dual host docks and its applications.
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