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Explore the Targus solutions for your technology, career, lifestyle, and travel needs.

Backpacks vs Shoulder Bags: Which One is Right For You?

Should you get a messenger bag with a strap that hangs from your shoulder? Or does a commuter backpack fit your lifestyle better? We help you decide.

Unique Tech Gifts for the 2020 Holiday Season

Find out the top selling products that made it into Targus' 2020 Holiday Shopping List.

EcoSmart®: An Interview About The Making of Eco-Friendly Cases

Learn more about Targus' long term plan for sustainability in this educative interview with Malaysian Reserve.

How to Use Your TV for a WFH Monitor

Working from home but with limited space? Times are tough nowadays but Targus has a solution into turning your home into a useful space to work out of. Read on as we walk you through maximizing your space by using your tv as a monitor.

Multi-Compartment Backpacks for Tech Enthusiasts

Discover your favorite new multi-compartment backpack to safely stow all your tech. Find the latest backpacks with hidden compartments at Targus.

Why Our Environmentally Friendly Backpacks Are So Special

At Targus, we believe that creativity and innovation are key, and have leveraged the latest technology to create eco-friendly backpacks with a sustainable production model and...

2020 Protective Cases for the 11 Inch iPad® Pro

Cutting-edge tech deserves cutting-edge protection, and we’re proud to offer the latest in top-of-the-line cases for iPad® Pro 11. Read on to learn what to look for in iPad® Pro protective cases and find the ideal case for you.

Work From Home Accessories for Productivity

More people are finding themselves working from home these days. Working from home productivity depends on planning and the right tech accessories. Read on and see how you can maximize productivity with Targus.

Rugged iPad®️ Cases You Can Rely On

Targus carries a full range of rugged Apple iPad® cases to protect your device in every situation or environment. With the exclusive patented features available in the rugged cases from Targus, you can be prepared for anything. 
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