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Protect your iPad® from unexpected bumps and drops with Targus. Our iPad 9th generation cases are designed to safeguard your device without compromising full functionality so you can remain productive all day. Explore the vast collection of sleek cases and accessories at Targus today to find the accessory you need to carry, protect, and connect your iPad at home and on-the-go.

Protecting What Matters

Targus strives to provide you with the innovative tools you need to succeed and protect what matters. Our durable iPad 10.2” cases keep your device safe from accidental slips, drops, and bumps without compromising on looks or usability.

From iPad cases and laptop bags that keep your tech protected, to docking stations built that maximize your productivity, the collection of products at Targus are designed to offer you what you need to meet your performance, style, and protection needs.

Seamlessly Integrate Tech Into Your Lifestyle

Targus’ collection of products seamlessly integrates technology into your personal and professional lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to safeguard your device during your commute or streamline your at-home workflow, we have the accessories you need for success. Explore our sleek and sturdy iPad 9th generation cases or check out protective backpacks to carry all of your gear when you’re on the move.

Not sure if our 10.2” cases are compatible with your iPad? Identify your iPad and visit our Accessory Finder to find accessories compatible with all of your devices.

Innovative Solutions to Your Needs

For nearly forty years, Targus has provided innovative solutions and tools you need. Students, travelers, and business professionals alike will find everything they need to get work done. Visit our Discover Targus blog for more innovative solutions to your career, lifestyle, tech, and travel needs. And we back up our quality with our industry-leading warranty.

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What size case will fit a 9th generation iPad®?

10.2-inch cases will fit the 9th generation iPad®.

Will an 8th generation iPad® work with the 10.2” 9th generation cases?

Yes, these cases will work with 8th-generation iPads®. They are compatible with the 7th, 8th, and 9th generation iPad® models. Be sure to check your iPad® model number and version to ensure that your iPad® is compatible with the case.

Can I still use my iPad® when it has a case on?

The iPad® cases at Targus are designed to protect your device without limiting usability when the case is in use.

Do I need an iPad® 9th generation case?

While you don’t need one, a case is highly recommended for all mobile devices. It gives it extra protection from accidental drops or bumps. However, they can add bulkiness that makes them harder to use, take up too much space in your bag, and take away from the sleek design of an iPad®. Targus cases keep your device safe without sacrificing functionality or looks.