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Explore the Targus solutions for your technology, career, lifestyle, and travel needs.

Need More Display Monitors with Your M1 MacBook?

Targus educates you on how to connect your display monitors to your M1 Macbook. Read our latest Tech Talk Blog by the docking station experts.

USB-C Explained

Enrich your knowledge when it comes to all things USB-C. Gain further knowledge when you sign up for our Master Class Series hosted by our Docking Station Experts.

How To Use A Targus DOCK419 Docking Station

Get to know more about the DOCK419 as we do an unboxing of this powerful dock that can be used for both travel and at home.

The Perfect Pack for Your Commute

Time to gear up for 2021. Get a commuter backpack for Targus for the new year ahead. Find out our top picks!

DisplayLink Manager Release 1.2

DisplayLink announced the 1.2 Release for MacBook is available on their website. The full release notes are available to download here.

Truly Universal Hybrid Docking Stations

Do you know what is the true definition of a truly universal docking station? Read on as Targus educates you on why this term gets misused a lot.

Hidden Benefits Of Using Privacy Screens

Sitting in front of a computer all day long has some negative effects. Find out how Targus privacy screens help combat these with a blue light filter.

Backpacks vs Shoulder Bags: Which One is Right For You?

Should you get a messenger bag with a strap that hangs from your shoulder? Or does a commuter backpack fit your lifestyle better? We help you decide.

Ignore Type-C Docking Station 65W PD Adapter Warning

Some PC may pop-up a warning when using certain power adapters. Find out how to disable it easily.
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