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Future-Proof Your Enterprise for AI and Technology Life Cycles on the Horizon

March 15, 24
Future-Proof Your Enterprise for AI and Technology Life Cycles on the Horizon

The future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here, and its implications on your enterprise technology life cycles are significant. Find out what this means for your organization and how to prepare for these important updates on the horizon by tuning into our latest Tech Talk Live webinar, now available on-demand.

During the webinar, our workplace technology expert here at Targus, Mike Sexton, Senior Director, Global Product Management & Development, joined Andrew Corkill, Vice President, Global Marketing & eCommerce. The conversation delved into key topics related to AI and technology life cycles, including the future of AI PCs and their capabilities, global PC forecasts, and what it all means for enterprise technology decision-making and resource planning.

Here are the snippets of what you missed and can catch up on right here by tuning into the on-demand webinar.

How significant will AI PC upgrades be?

According to Laptop Magazine, “At CES this year, every PC device and silicon provider heralded what’s been described as the biggest upgrade to PC in decades: the arrival of the ‘AI PC.’”

What exactly is an AI PC anyway?

Find out what an AI PC actually is, and what it can do. Our tech experts boil it down to the basics of how AI PCs work, and how PC processers have evolved to be AI-capable.

AI capabilities and what to expect

Get valuable, fact-based perspectives on the hype versus reality when it comes to AI PCs, what they will be able to do – from ChatGPT and Digital Assistants to Microsoft Copilot, and what the demand for these AI PCs will look like. Interesting fact: IDC predicts that by the end of 2027, AI PCs will represent nearly 60 percent of all worldwide PC shipments.

Find out more about the importance of being prepared for AI technology refresh cycles and their specific implications on your enterprise. Schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our Targus enterprise solutions experts.

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