January 4, 23

The Gear You Need for Traveling While Working Remotely

Be prepared for anything when you’re traveling while working remotely. Keep reading to discover the top gear you need for working from anywhere to stay connected, protected, and productive.
December 27, 22

Customer Favorites: The Best Of 2022

As the year comes to a close, we revisit the best of our most popular products and give you another chance to explore the unique design features that they offer. Read on to explore our list of the best laptop bags, iPad® cases, docking stations & more for 2022!  
December 19, 22

USB Power Delivery and How it Affects Enterprise Connectivity

As USB Power Delivery continues to evolve, it’s often unclear what enterprises need now and in the near term when it comes to docking and enterprise connectivity. 

December 2, 22

PC Maintenance Is No Longer Optional

Keep your docking station working properly with regular PC maintenance. It's more than just Windows Updates - read more about updating firmware, BIOS, etc.
November 18, 22

The New Standard In Universal Docking Is Here

Learn How To Navigate Upgrading From DOCK180 & DOCK190 To DOCK182 & DOCK192.
November 16, 22

5 Best Tech Gifts for Travelers This Holiday Season

Targus has rounded up a list of our best tech gifts for travelers. These tech accessories and travel-ready favorites will quickly become their most reliable airport buddy.
November 3, 22

The Simple Extra Security Features of Targus Universal Docking Stations

A Targus Universal Docking Station is not to be used in lieu of a comprehensive security implementation. Read below our helpful explanation as to why using a Targus Universal Docking Station may enhance a given security implementation.
October 31, 22

Why Isn't A DisplayLink Driver Embedded In My Targus Universal Docking Station?

Embedded drivers would enable some users the ability to install the required Targus Universal Docking Stations drivers directly from the dock immediately after connection to a new host machine – regardless of an active Internet connection.  Targus purposely does not embed drivers in the dock designs.
October 29, 22

Q&A with a Targus DocKtor: Watch Webinar On-Demand

Get answers to the most frequently asked enterprise connectivity, power, and compatibility questions
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