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The Gear You Need for Traveling While Working Remotely

January 03, 23 - Posted in: Lifestyle
The Gear You Need for Traveling While Working Remotely

Traveling while working remotely requires more than just your laptop. Without the right equipment, your remote work dream will quickly turn into a nightmare. Whether you’re working remotely while on vacation or as a digital nomad, you will need all of the right travel tech accessories to ensure that you’re prepared for any situation. Keep reading to discover the top gear you need for working from anywhere to stay connected, protected, and productive.

Laptop Backpack

Targus laptop Backpack

One of the most valuable travel tech accessories is a lightweight, reliable laptop backpack. When you’re traveling while working remotely, you’ll need a bag that is spacious enough to protect and carry your laptop and other accessories when you’re on the move. Choose a backpack that is large enough for your laptop, has extra compartments for extra accessories like chargers and cables, and adjustable shoulder straps for comfort.

Keyboard and Laptop Stand

Typing on your laptop’s keyboard for longer periods of time when you’re busy at work can be hard on your hands. And as far as ergonomics go, laptops are pretty bad. Keeping your hands in an ergonomic position still requires you to look down at your screen, hurting your neck and back. Raising the laptop to look straight on — which is much better for your back — requires you to reach up at an awkward angle to type, hurting your wrists and joints.

The addition of a keyboard to your essential tech accessories list makes for a more comfortable, flexible workstation. For the best typing experience on-the-go, go for a keyboard with a lightweight, ergonomic design and get a laptop stand to raise your laptop to eye level. Your back and wrists will thank us later.

Universal Docking Station

DOCK 180

Traveling while working remotely provides great flexibility, but laptops don’t have the functionality of your desktop back home. But what if you could bring your workstation with you wherever you go?

A universal docking station is a must-have in your laptop travel bag for increasing the peripherals you can connect and creating the optimized remote workspace that you want. Connect your travel tech accessories, audio, Ethernet, and more without cluttering the small desk or table you’re working on. 


A high-quality headset is a lifesaver when you’re traveling while working remotely. When you’re on a train, plane, or local café, noise can become a serious factor when trying to take an important call or focus on an email. Tune out the noise and go hands-free with a stereo headset. With optional features like Bluetooth, comfort padding, and noise-canceling, you’ll be able to easily multitask and jump on a call, no matter where you’re working from.

Power Adapter

There’s nothing worse than trying to work remotely and running out of power on your device. Power adapters are compact and durable for travel and enable the quick charging of your laptop, tablet, or smartphone during travel. Easily one of the most critical travel tech accessories, a power adapter ensures that you’ll never be left without power when you’re traveling while working remotely

Your Tech Essentials

TBS64601GL_EcoSmart Cypress-13

With a little knowledge and the right equipment, you can stay connected and productive when you’re working anywhere in the world. Shop the tech accessories you need at Targus, all backed by our industry-leading warranty.

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