December 2, 22

PC Maintenance Is No Longer Optional

Keep your docking station working properly with regular PC maintenance. It's more than just Windows Updates - read more about updating firmware, BIOS, etc.
April 22, 22

Connectivity in 2022: USB Type-C and Beyond

Stay up to date on the key changes and updates to connectivity standards, alt-modes, and power.
January 4, 21

Best Selling Products Of 2020 | Targus Year In Review

Our products and dedicated service team helped keep things running “business as usual” for users in education, healthcare, and other industries around the globe. Here are the best selling products of 2020 that were most helpful to our customers.
October 4, 18

Case Study: Solutions For A Business Partner

Here you will discover how a Targus product helped make a financial firm more productive.
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