Case Study: Solutions For A Business Partner
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Case Study: Solutions For A Business Partner

October 04, 18 - Posted in: Business
Case Study: Solutions For A Business Partner


When a financial services provider wanted to complete a next-gen refresh of their office space, they relied on Targus to support their project. The hoteling project was supported with a universal docking solution that worked for PC and Mac users requiring both USB Type-A and USB Type-C connectors. Ultimately, the company saved money, streamlined IT device management, and improved their productivity with their universal dock and adapter choice.

The Customer: Financial Services Firm

Our client is a leading provider of financial services in the DC Metro area, serving individuals throughout the United States. The company serves homeowners and other financial institutions in lending. Their team of over 7,000 employees is responsible for supporting loans and financial services throughout the country to make homeownership a reality for millions.

The Project: A Next-Gen Refresh to Accommodate PC and Mac Users

As part of their next-gen office refresh, the company was moving to a hoteling approach that would accommodate both Mac and PC users. Their internal team wanted to keep a clean and uniform look across the floor. It was important to the company to create an environment where any team member could quickly be seated and working at any station.

The Solution: Targus Universal Docking Station with Power

Targus was called in by our partner to collaborate on a solution. After multiple meetings with the client to identify needs and objectives, our team presented recommendations on a solution.To streamline their purchasing and the uniformity of their workstations, a universal docking solution was determined to be the best approach.

While the company wanted a solution that connected to both USB-A and USB-C devices, most of their devices did not have a USB-C connector. Only a small percentage of their users were on Mac devices that required Type-C connectors. As such, it was more cost effective and scalable for the client to standardize on our DOCK177 that served their core needs without adding extra features (and cost) they didn’t need.

To accommodate the Mac users, adapters were chosen that would support Type-C devices. These adapters would allow the client to scale up if their population of Mac users expanded while still standardizing one universal docking solution.

The Outcome: Simplifying IT by Reducing SKUs

The client has since completed the roll-out of their 5,000 docking stations. As with any universal dock, even the smoothest roll-out has questions, testing, and optimization. During that process, Targus engineering specialists held several meetings with client counterparts to provide expert advice regardless of what they were plugging into the dock. Purchasing and IT were managing over 6 SKUs for their environment including stationary docks, travel docks, and dongles. Reducing those SKUs would save their IT department time and money while making support easier for help desk team members. Further, a single provider allowed their IT department to utilize one preferred partner for technical support, education, and troubleshooting.

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