Case Study: Docking Station Solution For A Business Partner
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Case Study: Docking Station Solution For A Business Partner

October 05, 18 - Posted in: Business
Case Study: Docking Station Solution For A Business Partner


The client, a leading multinational telecommunications company, was frustrated with their office space situation. Nearly 50% of their team was never in the office at any given time and out-of-town visiting employees needed a productive place to work. Leveraging Targus Universal Docking solutions in their new shared workspace plan allowed the company to maximize the use of their real estate, reduce costs, improve productivity, and make visiting employees’ experience better than ever before. 

The Customer: Global Telecommunications Company 

Our client is an American multinational conglomerate holding company and the world’s largest telecommunications company with more than 50,000 employees. The company serves millions of consumers around the globe with services that keep them connected to the people and things that matter most to them.

The Situation: A Company-Wide Shared Workspace Initiative 

The company was spending substantial funds on real estate in offices throughout the United States to accommodate their large number of employees; however, as times changed, so did the way their employees work. Many employees would travel frequently and need guest spaces in offices while others would be away from their desk while traveling. The company’s shift to flexible working environments and global travel created an opportunity for a more modern workplace.

Driven by their Silicon Valley location’s needs, the company was exploring a new shared workspace initiative that would maximize the space they had while reducing the overall cost of real estate. Of their more than five buildings, less than 50% of their offices were occupied at any given time due to traveling and mobile workers. 

The problem they faced was multiple technology platforms within their environment with computers from a variety of manufacturers. With 50,000 employees and a need to adapt to the latest technologies, the company was in search of solutions that would offer longevity, universal compatibility, and ease of use.

With these outcomes in mind, the company also wanted to modernize their workspaces with collaborative environments as well as private work areas. It was important to create a positive employee experience that would foster productivity and effectiveness – even for visiting employees from other offices.

The Solution: Targus Universal Docking 

Our team worked closely with the client’s team members to understand the issues and their goals for a Targus pilot. Once the outcomes and challenges were clearly identified, area managers within Targus offered the best product options and roll-out plans for their current needs.

Further, in a highly competitive industry, it’s important to offer the best possible experience for employees to retain the best talent in the business. Increasing the flexibility and mobility of employees helps to create a more productive, satisfying work environment and leads to a great competitive hiring advantage. Being able to provide multiple technology platform options to employees with universal solutions as well as a comfortable, collaborative environment was exactly what the company needed.

The Outcome: Consolidation of Real Estate Buildings and Improved Overall Experience 

For the past five years, the telecommunications company has purchased around 4,000 new docks per year as they continue their company-wide hoteling workspace project. They were able to effectively meet all of their primary goals for the project by leveraging Targus’ expertise and resources in implementing shared workspaces and hoteling environments.

Over the past several years, the client has consolidated from five to two buildings, cutting their real estate costs by as much as 35%. In addition to real estate costs, the company also saved money on refresh costs with their mixed technology environment and increased employee productivity.

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