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Targus Ghost Device Removal Service v.2.00.004 for Windows Released

October 09, 18 - Posted in: Tech Talk
Targus Ghost Device Removal Service v.2.00.004 for Windows Released

Targus has finished all preliminary engineering testing of the Targus Ghost Device Removal Service version 2.00.004 for Windows 7 and Windows 10. 

It can be downloaded. Current users can also right click on the task tray icon and select “Check for updates…” to update their current version if enabled by their IT department.

Problems the software solves

The Targus Display Configuration Utility is a solution developed by Targus to address Windows OS registry size limitations of Windows PC’s used within agile workspace environments.

The network adaptor registry key is the major limitation, which has a size in the order of Kilobytes rather than Megabyte and Gigabyte sizing of the other registry keys. That said, even a registry key sized in the Megabyte range is still subject to bloating from excess devices.

When a registry key is “bloated”, the key cannot be written to and can even become unreadable because it cannot be opened. This issue is rarely seen in fixed desk environments where a limited number of devices are connected to an individual computer.

Modern agile workspaces are fast becoming ubiquitous and this means users are connecting to many different workspaces and many unique devices that must have their configurations stored within the registry. When you consider the components within a single docking station then add the peripherals at each desk, the number of stored devices grows very quickly.

Targus Ghost Device Removal (GDR) utility manages the maximum number of excess devices stored in the registry by removing those which are the least recently used.

Release Notes

This version adds support for Targus’ latest Universal and Type-C Alternate Mode docking stations including:

ACP076, ACP70, ACP71, ACP77, DOCK110, DOCK120, DOCK130, DOCK150, DOCK160, DOCK171, DOCK177, DOCK180, DOCK190, DOCK220, DOCK410, DOCK411, and DOCK412.

Please contact your Targus DockTor or Targus sales representative to learn more. 

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