Case Study: The EcoSmart Backpack Solution
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Case Study: The EcoSmart Backpack Solution

October 09, 18 - Posted in: Business
Case Study: The EcoSmart Backpack Solution


A global cloud-computing company needed to standardize bags for their 25,000 employees to reduce supply chain complexity, make managing SKUs simpler, and reduce long-term waste. Their relationship with Targus allowed the team to meet their primary goals while standardizing on one of the most environmentally-friendly, highest-quality backpacks on the market. For the client, standardization meant saving time, headaches, and costs.

The Customer: Cloud-Computing Software Firm 

The client is a leading American cloud-computing company specializing in software-as-a-service. With multiple international locations, the client has more than 25,000 employees throughout the world.

The Project: Environmentally-Friendly Bag Standardization 

The client was using a variety of bags from other manufacturers but struggled to standardize on one bag globally due to supply chain availability and international needs. In addition, their emphasis on environmental initiatives internally were driving the need for technology products and accessories that were environmentally-friendly.

Primarily, the goal of the standardization project was to reduce the number of products for IT to manage. This would create more efficiency related to IT support, reduce complexity in their supply chain, and reduce backorder issues.

The Solution: Targus 15.6” Spruce™ EcoSmart® Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack 

After collaborating with internal stakeholders, the Targus team recommended standardizing on the Targus 15.6” Spruce™ EcoSmart® Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack (TBB013US). The client’s primary outcomes in standardization included meeting the needs of more than 20,000 employees with varying travel and peripheral needs.

The client could meet internal goals of environmentally-friendly products due to the backpacks being made from 100% recycled PET polyester and PVC-free material. As many of their staff travel frequently, the product would allow for seamless checkpoint friendly travel with its patented design that unzips to lay flat for TSA screening. With availability to over 90% of their regions, the bag would meet the needs of more than 22,000 employees.

Why They Chose Targus: Reduced Complexity and Custom Logos 

The IT team was satisfied to be able to save time and reduce IT supply chain complexity. Corporate initiatives around sustainability were also met, helping internal stakeholders reach their sustainability goals. 

In addition to the solution meeting the client’s primary requirements, our Custom Logo Program also allowed the client to brand their bags efficiently and without additional complexity. Offering their employees bags with embroidered logos would no longer require extra trips and extensive lead-times or expense as it could be handled directly through Targus.

The Outcome: Standardized Branded Bags with a Limited Lifetime Warranty 

The client has standardized on the TBB013US branded with the company’s logo. They have been transitioning out of alternatives at the rate of more than 6,000 units per year. During the transition, employee satisfaction with the bags has increased as it meets multiple needs and reduces time at the checkpoints while traveling.

IT and supply chain professionals are much more efficient managing one global SKU for backpacks and reducing the support, complexity, and management of multiple SKUs. Since Targus bags come with a limited lifetime warranty, the client is also delivering the highest quality product to their employees to protect their devices and has additional peace of mind knowing the product will last for years to come.

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