January 4, 21

Best Selling Products Of 2020 | Targus Year In Review

Our products and dedicated service team helped keep things running “business as usual” for users in education, healthcare, and other industries around the globe. Here are the best selling products of 2020 that were most helpful to our customers.
December 4, 20

Hidden Benefits Of Using Privacy Screens

Sitting in front of a computer all day long has some negative effects. Find out how Targus privacy screens help combat these with a blue light filter.
June 12, 20

DisplayLink Releases 5.2.4 for macOS™

DisplayLink released version 5.2.4 for macOS™.

June 12, 20

Rugged iPad®️ Cases You Can Rely On

Targus carries a full range of rugged Apple iPad® cases to protect your device in every situation or environment. With the exclusive patented features available in the rugged cases from Targus, you can be prepared for anything. 
June 4, 20

DisplayLink Releases R.5.3.1 for Ubuntu Linux | Tech Talk

DisplayLink released the driver software Release 5.3.1 adding support for Ubuntu 20.04
May 29, 20

DisplayLink Releases v.9.3M2 for Windows

DisplayLink announced v.9.3M2 is now available. 

Using this version of the software should work, but Targus has no plans to validate this release with Targus Universal Docking Stations or Targus Universal Docking Station Utilities. 

This release has not been submitted for distribution on Windows Update for Targus Universal Docking Stations and Targus is not providing .MSI/.INF files for it.

New features

  • DL-6xxx series on Windows 10: alternative encoder for AMD CPU + GPU machines to reduce CPU usage and improve performance
  • DL-6xxx: single 4K full screen video playback improvement on Windows 10
  • DL-6xxx: interoperability improvements for non-DisplayPort-compliant G-SYNC displays

Issues fixed since v. 9.2M2 Release

  • MSI package: hub USB3.0 link power management control improvement to address connection stability
  • DL-6xxx series: improved USB disconnection detection and display blanking
  • DL-6xxx series: improved Windows 10 driver reliability
  • DL-3xxx and DL-5xxx series: DisplayLink driver intermittent crashes after updating to W10 1809
  • exe installer improvements
  • DL-6xxx series: blank screen and device manager error after rebooting with 5K monitor connected via double DisplayPort link (tiled 5K)
  • All series: device could be disabled in Device Manager in Windows 10 1803 when postponed driver swap (MSI/Setup.exe installation) is not triggered by USB disconnect
  • All series: a rare race condition could lead the driver to terminate when adding display(s)
  • All series: ~once per 250 cycles, device could be in error in Device Manager when resuming from S4 low power mode
  • DL-6xxx series: interoperability improvements for non-DisplayPort-compliant G-SYNC displays
  • DL-4xxx series: device could be showing Code 10 in Device Manager when resuming from S4/S5 low power modes
  • DL-6xxx series: Dell U4320QT @ 1920x2160 may randomly blink/flash on some devices.

The full release notes are here.

May 21, 20

HDCP and Targus Docking Stations

Note, conversion of the HDCP encrypted video signal into a non HDCP supported format is not permitted.  HDCP requires a digital video signal, therefore analog connections such as VGA are not supported.
April 30, 20

Comfortable Backpacks That Provide Great Tech Protection

Read on to discover how Targus backpacks can help enhance your lifestyle at home, work, school, and beyond.

April 20, 20

Everyday Tips for Living More Eco-Friendly

If you are like most people, you want to do good in terms of practicing eco-friendly and responsible lifestyle habits, but you may not always know how to. We want to make your life a bit easier and put together some tips to start using today as we approach Earth Day. 

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