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Everyday Tips for Living More Eco-Friendly

April 20, 20 - Posted in: Lifestyle
Everyday Tips for Living More Eco-Friendly

If you are like most people, you want to do good in terms of practicing eco-friendly and responsible lifestyle habits, but you may not always know how to. We want to make your life a bit easier and put together some tips to start using today as we approach Earth Day. 

Earth Day is one of the most widely celebrated environmental events across the world. By celebrating this day, communities all around the globe can bring awareness to environmental topics like the importance of protecting our planet through energy conservation and the general consumption of more eco-friendly products. 

Small steps can lead to big change. Below are a few tips we’ve put together for you.

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Properly Dispose of Batteries. 

Batteries are useful when they’re working but are considered hazardous because of the metals and toxic materials they contain. Avoid disposing of these in your household trash can and take the high road! Many neighborhoods have responsible battery and cell phone drop-off locations. Find your local drop off center here!

Research a Brand's Eco-Conscious Efforts. 

By identifying and doing research on your favorite brand, you can determine if supporting and purchasing their product aligns with your eco-conscious lifestyle.  Remember to invest in durable, functional materials, fabrics that age gracefully. 

Minimize Water Usage.

To use less water, turn the faucet off while brushing teeth and washing your face. Or, fill a cup with water halfway instead of running the faucet for 2-3 minutes.

Embrace Reusable Water Bottles.

There are millions of single-use plastics generated daily and you can do your part by opting for a reusable water bottle instead. Did you know some of your favorite Targus backpacks are made with recycled water bottles? We have free water bottles available for 200 pts as part of the Targus Advantage Rewards program.

Reduce Your Footprint.

Generally speaking, biking or walking safely is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Not only does walking save on gas but you are also helping to protect the environment from car fumes. 

Practice Conscious Spending.

Purchasing food that is pesticide-free equals less spending and more sustainable living. You can also support your local farmer’s markets and growers in your conscious spending. 

Encourage Your Community Online. 

Make a positive impact by gathering your friends and family for an online discussion on ways that they’re practicing eco-friendly techniques inside the home. 

You don’t have to wait for Earth Day to do your part, you can start today! Remember that sharing the wealth with your friends and community members can create a ripple effect.

Targus has been taking steps in the right direction and we want to continue to do so. For over three decades, we have perfected laptop backpacks and cases that defy convention and raise the bar for quality. If you’re interested in learning how you can purchase responsibly, check out our eco-friendly laptop bags!


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