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CES 2020: Paving The Road To Sustainability

December 13, 19 - Posted in: Business
CES 2020: Paving The Road To Sustainability

The countdown to CES 2020 has begun for the Targus team, especially for Joanne Sessler – our VP of Global Design & Innovation.

Joanne is tasked with bringing fresh perspective to existing Targus product lines – laptop bags, especially – and paving the way for the company’s roadmap towards sustainability in the next ten years. We have a glimpse of the hard work that the global product teams are putting in to showcase new and exciting projects and concepts this January in Las Vegas.

Global Perspective

Before Joanne and her team start any of their newest projects, two questions must be answered: who are we designing for, and what are his or her needs?

In recent years, the approach to serving business and professional laptop users has greatly expanded beyond a typical home-to-office commute. “We know that there are now more remote workers than ever. What are the needs of the remote worker? We’re talking about having a bag that people can use for multiple things.”

Joanne also acknowledges Targus' goal of focusing on a growing demographic and designing for women in the workforce. “If more women are college graduates than men, then we have to address that.”

As a global brand, Targus needs to address the regional differences in bag size and unique day to day carrying habits.

Beyond solving day to day convenience issues for users, Joanne and her team are also keeping global issues top of mind. “Today’s worker is very concerned about global warming because they’re seeing the effects and downside of it. So, for them, that is incredibly important and why they’re joining companies that are doing just that.”

“Rarely does a consumer go shopping for a bag with sustainability top of mind. The product must first satisfy their needs, then be good quality and design. What resonates with the consumer is ‘I want to purchase from a brand that is aligned with what I value, such as eco-friendly materials, fair working conditions and transparency.’”

Innovative Technology

CES is an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association known as “the global stage for innovation.” Targus’ initiatives and approach towards sustainability is the focus of our exhibition in January 2020.

“Right now, I am writing the sustainable roadmap for the company – what the road is for 2030 and what it looks like for us as a brand. Part of it is only the product. The other part of it is what our behaviors are as members of the company, and then it’s about our facilities and operations. All are contributing factors to the usage of CO2.”

“The whole movement of sustainability and ‘eco’ products goes beyond making better choices in the raw materials. It's about using recycled and recyclable materials, as well as bio-based and compostability. We're at this tipping point right now where we've just taken so much out of the earth and we're not putting enough resources back in - things are very imbalanced.”

Joanne notes the importance of Targus being GRS Certified: “We are able to trace the yarn fiber back to the recycling system it came from as well as the people who were making the yarn. So, you don’t have child labor, you don’t have workers working in an unsafe environment – that is equally as important and also part of Targus’ commitment to social compliance.”

Sustainability is “complicated, and that’s why it’s not just one lever a company can pull. There are a lot of companies making claims – but they can’t back it up. It’s really important for us to do it the right way.”

Design Perspective

The walls of Joanne’s office are covered with designs for new collections. “We’ve been extremely busy pushing a lot of product through, but it will be well worth it as we’ll have a lot of newness at CES.”

Some products are still top secret until January, but here are the ones we can share with you:

Cypress Collection with EcoSmart Technology

This new, sleek line of laptop bags highlights Targus’ commitment to environmental sustainability and contains a message inside, saying, “We believe in the environment. Thanks for making a smart choice. This is the number of bottles that were kept out of the landfill and waterways that happened because you made this purchase.”

Urban Collection + Arts Edition

Joanne notes that “we are launching a line of backpacks for the urban worker. The styles are contemporary and a good value. The collection consists of a variety of backpack silhouettes, as this has become the number one silhouette for men and women.” Targus also has a lot of new laptop sleeves that correspond with the urban line and some Arts Edition sleeves with new patterned designs.

Newport Collection Expansion

We’re adding new silhouettes and fresh features to our popular Newport Collection – a suede finish to the leatherette accents and “chunky” silver zippers for a sleek, modern look. Everything will still be available in Black and Navy, but we’ll have two new colors.

Joanne notes that “this line has been designed to be cross gender for a contemporary customer who is seeking a more lifestyle bag.”

“The new bag designs continue to deliver on the performance features of a Targus product: protection, organization and built to last quality.”

All these new laptop bags and more will be on display for visitors to CES in January. Be sure to stop by Booth #31147 to say hello and see these new innovative designs in person that provide solutions to your lifestyle both in and outside the office.

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