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The Optimum Work from Home Set-Up

December 12, 19 - Posted in: Lifestyle
The Optimum Work from Home Set-Up

Top 7 items you need to create a more efficient home office

Working remotely at least one day a week continues to be a growing trend among companies. For business professionals, this trend means the home office is no longer simply nice to have, it’s a necessity. Here are the top 7 items you need when setting up a home office:

1. Additional Computer Monitors

When setting up a home office, you have a unique opportunity to make your workspace your own. Unlike your work office, you can choose to have one, two, or even four additional screens for your laptop. Having multiple screens boosts productivity by eliminating the need to minimize windows, allowing you to view multiple browser windows at once, and expanding your viewing beyond the screen of your laptop. Once you adapt to additional screens, it’s hard to give up your mini mission control.

Woman working on a computer with multiple monitors

2. Docking Station

While researching home office setup ideas, you should find ways to make your workspace as cohesive as possible. To quickly transition from a laptop to a multi-display set-up, a docking station is the leading tool. With a docking station, you can easily work on additional computer screens, charge your laptop, connect speakers, and so much more while only plugging in one or two cables to your laptop. Power your productivity with a docking station on your home office desk.

3. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Laptops come with a built-in keyboard and touchpad, but setting up a home office allows you to create a more functional space. For maximizing efficiency, nothing compares to a wireless mouse and keyboard. With a separate mouse and keyboard, you can utilize your additional monitors to their full potential because you’re no longer relying on your laptop to type and navigate your computer. Going wireless also helps you to create a cleaner, more minimalist workspace by eliminating additional cables.

Wireless keyboard and mouse

4. Cooling Pad

Maintain maximum productivity while setting up a home office by ensuring your laptop stays as cool as you are. In most cases, a well-ventilated laptop will run faster and last longer because the hardware is less prone to heat damage. You can keep your laptop cool by using an elevated stand or a cooling pad. Inexpensive and often forgotten, cooling pads are one of the accessories you’ll love after using just once.

5. Uninterruptible Power Supply

No matter how much work you put into setting up a home office, power outages are always a possibility. Not only are they unpredictable, they could also cause massive delays in your productivity. A power outage could be detrimental if you aren’t able to properly save your material and shut down your device. An uninterrupted power supply is a backup battery system that will keep your home office running for a short period of time. In that allotted time, you might not be able to complete all your tasks, but you will have enough power to save all documents and safely shut down your devices.

6. Cable Organizers

Most home office setup ideas revolve around the gadgets you’re including in your workstation; however, organization is equally important. Your home office will have a lot of cables. After all, you might have additional monitors, a docking station, laptop, phone charger, and other miscellaneous accessories on your desk. Cable organizers are a great solution to keep your desk uncluttered and help you quickly find necessary cords.

computer cables

7. Storage

When you walk into most offices, you will find business cards, notepads, pens, important documents, and other miscellaneous items. Most of these items will also find their way into your at-home workspace. When setting up a home office, you should create a space for all these assorted articles. Storage containers or a file cabinet are a must if you want to keep your home office clean and organized.

Ready to start setting up a home office?

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