Q&A with a Targus DocKtor: Watch Webinar On-Demand
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Q&A with a Targus DocKtor: Watch Webinar On-Demand

October 29, 22 - Posted in: 2022, Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Q&A with a Targus DocKtor: Watch Webinar On-Demand

Targus DocKtors are specialized experts dedicated to helping our enterprise IT leaders test, troubleshoot, and optimize their workspaces and IT environments. They provide valuable expertise to our customers in enterprise, government, and more.  

During our recent TechTalk Live webinar, Targus DocKtor, Atif Mahmood, joined us for an interactive Q&A session. He answered many commonly asked questions from our attendees to help them tackle their biggest enterprise technology concerns.  

Here’s a glimpse of the questions Atif addressed. 

  1. Which dock do I need for my laptop devices? 
  2. Why can I not get two external screens on Mac M1 and M2? 
  3. Why do I need to update my laptop device to the latest drivers when I have the latest Windows update? 
  4. Will a 100W PD dock charge a device requiring 130W? 
  5. Why can’t I get external screens and power on my USB Type-C device? 

Watch the webinar on demand for the answers to these important questions, and more. 

Watch On Demand 

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