Targus DOCK192 -The New Standard In Universal Docking Stations
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Targus DOCK192 -The New Standard In Universal Docking Stations

October 27, 22 - Posted in: 2022, Tech Talk by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
Targus DOCK192 -The New Standard In Universal Docking Stations

At Targus, Universal Doesn't Just Mean One Vendor or Even a Single Platform

The Targus DOCK192 has superseded the industry-leading Targus DOCK190. The DOCK192 Universal Docking Station (UDS) is compatible with PCs, MacBooks®, Chromebooks, Linux®, Android, and ThinPro OS host machines. The USB Type-C® connection is compatible with Thunderbolt and other USB-C Alternate Modes (Alt. Modes) and the host connection speed has been bumped up to 10Gbps. The DOCK192 is also backward compatible with older host machines equipped only with USB-STD-A (aka USB 3.0) using Targus’ USB-A tether – all right out of the box!

The DOCK192 supports rendering up to dual 4K60P monitor graphics. It can supply USB Type-C Power Delivery or legacy (barrel) power to host devices at up to 100W. This enables users to render graphics/audio, hub USB, and supply GbE while powering and charging the host Windows PC, MacBook, Linux PC, Chromebook, or Android Phone no matter the brand or model (No vendor lock)!

The DOCK192 comes with the Targus ACC1134GLX legacy power kit to support legacy (barrel) power and charging via Targus power tips.  For deployments not needing legacy power capability, a DOCK182 option is available with all the features of the DOCK192 including USB-C Power Delivery but at a lower cost.

Type-C That Just Works

Like the ultra-compatible DOCK190, the DOCK192/182 uses the USB protocol for video over USB-C or USB-STD-A connections. This is what makes the DOCK192/182 universal because the USB protocol is on every USB host receptacle ports.

USB Type-C (3.2 Gen 1, 3.2 Gen 2), Thunderbolt 3/4, DisplayPort Alt. Mode, HDMI® or MHL® Alt. Mode, and legacy 3.0 Type-A (traditional host PC connector) and Type-B ports (often on phones) are all compatible.

Users don't have to worry about the host port capabilities or incompatibilities, it just works!

Universal Power and Charging and Power Delivery

The DOCK192/182 has the same high-performance capabilities as other Targus universal docking stations, but the DOCK192/182 also has Power Delivery up to 100WDC on its upstream-facing host connection port. Common voltages for host machines are 5V/9V (phones and tablets), 12V/15V (netbooks and some laptops), and 20V (higher-performance workstations) up to 100WDC. And the ACC1134GLX legacy power kit comes with power tips for most of the popular host PCs from Dell®, HP®, Lenovo®, Asus®, Toshiba®, etc., see the additional information here

Numerous Ports

The DOCK192/182 has five downstream USB ports – one USB-C at 7.5WDC and one USB-STD-A supporting BC1.2 charging. In addition to dual 4K60P monitor support, the DOCK192/182 comes with a standard industry lock slot (K), a dock power button (see functionality options here), a blue LED power indicator, a RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet jack (supporting Wake-On-Lan, PXE, MAC cloning), and a 3.5mm combination stereo audio output/input jack. The DL-6950 chipset inside supports 6-channel audio on the HDMI 2.0 and DP1.2++ ports.

Ports of the dock

Many Cable Options

The DOCK192/182 ships with the 1 meter Targus ACC1133GLX in the box for converting from a USB-C to a USB-STD-A host connection. The Targus ACC1122GLX and other 1.8 meter cable options are available. Thumb screws enable a secure dock side connection and keep the cable from coming loose during multiple host plug/unplugs in high use and other hot-desking applications – a Targus feature.

VESA Mountable Option

Both the Targus DOCK192/182 can be used with the Targus ACX003GLZ VESA Mount for a clean desk setup. Targus recommends the longer cable options when using the ACX003GLZ with a Targus docking station.

World-Wide Compliant

The DOCK192/182 is TAA, CE, FCC, ICES, AU, KC pre-scan, RoHS, REACH, Prop65 certified, and complies with ErP Lot 26, Network Standby with WOL @ 2W. The operating temperature is 0 to 40 degrees C and storage is -20 to 60 degrees C.  

Some Item Numbers are TAA compliant.

Please contact your Targus representative or DocKtor for further support or information.

US Website: http://targus.com/us/support
Telephone: 800.283.6325

Canada Website: http://www.targus.com/ca/support

Australia Website: http://www.targus.com/au/support
Email: infoaust@targus.com, Telephone: 1800-641-645

New Zealand Telephone: 0800-633-222

Latin America Email: soporte@targus.com

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