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The New Standard In Universal Docking Is Here

November 18, 22 - Posted in: 2022, Docks, Tech Talk, Technology, Tips and Tricks by Kevin Quinn, Thee DocKtor
The New Standard In Universal Docking Is Here

The New Standard In Universal Docking Is Here

Learn How To Navigate Upgrading From DOCK180 & DOCK190 Tto DOCK182 & DOCK192

Targus continues to set the standard in universal docking with its latest DOCK182 and DOCK192.
During our recent Tech Talk webinar, Kevin Quinn Targus DocKtor and Sr. Field Engineer, shared insight into how these new Targus docks deliver on USB Type-C, port availability, connectivity, power delivery, and more. Specifically, he explained the differences between these docks, their connectivity and technical specifications, and what to expect during the transition to a new standard of universal docking.
In case you missed it, you can now watch this 30-minute session on-demand and read on for the highlights.

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What To Expect With The New DOCK182 & DOCK192

This new standard in universal docking delivers USB Type-C with a host connection speed that has been bumped up to 10Gbps. These new docks work with Windows 10/11 PCs, MacBooks®, Chromebooks™, Ubuntu Linux®, Android™, DeX®, and ThinPro OS host machines. DOCK182/DOCK192 deliver universal connectivity, even with older host machines that are only equipped with USB-STD-A and Type-B ports, not to mention these docks have met all the major global compliance requirements (TAA, CE, FCC, ICES, etc.).

You Don’t Need To Take Any Action To Transition

If you’re a current DOCK180/190 customer, you don’t need to do anything to transition to DOCK 182/DOCK192. You’ll enjoy USB graphics powered by DisplayLink for video over USB-C or USB-STD-A, industry-leading support including access to Targus DocKtors, VESA-Mount Compatibility, lock compatibility, and superior performance, to name just a few.

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