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Search Privacy Screens by Device

We regularly update our inventory to work with the latest tech. Whether you’re looking for a privacy screen upgrade or you’re new to this type of product, we have an option for everyone. 

Use the Targus Accessory Finder to search by device and find privacy screens for your monitor, laptop, or tablet. If it’s for personal preference or a workplace recommendation, we can help you find the best screen privacy filter to meet your workspace wants and requirements.

Search by Device

Search Privacy Screens by Device

Protect your privacy with high performance privacy screens

At Targus, we know that privacy is critical for a business person on the go. Using your device in busy coffee shops or on crowded trains risks your info being seen. But with laptop privacy screens, the sensitive information on your screen stays safe from prying eyes. Targus privacy screens are the best way to ensure screen protector privacy.

With screen sizes that range from 9.7” to 30”, we have screen privacy filter options for every device. This includes both tablets and laptops. Explore Targus’ innovative privacy solutions and discover styles built specifically for your computer’s make and model.

Our computer privacy screen protector series offers the following benefits:

  • Blocked viewing from any angle

  • Easy installation with magnetic attachments

  • Comfortable viewing with blue light filters

  • Non-reflective, anti-glare filters

  • Fingerprint proof

  • Maintaining touchscreen sensitivity

  • Anti-microbial: helps prevent bacteria growth on select privacy screen models

Easy to Apply

Applying a privacy screen protector shouldn’t require an engineering degree. Our laptop privacy screens and tablet privacy screen models are designed to be easy to apply. This means a bubble-free application each time.

Protect Your Laptop and Tablet

There is no one-size-fits-all with screen protection. We offer screen privacy screen protector models designed specifically for your device. Filter our offerings above to search for computer privacy screens or tablet privacy screen options.

We offer high-quality, edge-to-edge protection that fits your device like a glove. This is what keeps our customers coming back as tech is regularly updated. Filter our monitor privacy screen or tablet privacy screen by model to match your latest computer or tablet model.

Protection from Even More

Our antimicrobial screen protector options offer an extra layer of privacy. In addition to protecting from peering eyes, these models are the best privacy screen protector for preventing unwanted germs. Use them in a public place and you’ll be sure your tech stays clean.

More Privacy from Targus

When we design and develop our tablet and laptop privacy screens, we consider more than just the on-screen data. Targus has created a number of other security and protection options, from universal cable locks to tempered glass screen protectors. No matter what tools you need to make working anywhere simple and seamless, Targus is here to help. Shop Targus privacy screens and more today!