Servicemen and servicewomen, we salute you.

Military Discount

military discount

Military Discount

We think you deserve all the thanks you can get. So if you’re a member of the armed forces, we’re offering discounts on our laptop bags, tablet cases, docking stations, computer accessories, and more.

Receive 25% off your entire order at Targus.com. Click below to verify your eligibility.

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Valid on Targus.com only. Promo is redeemed by clicking the button you see above and your eligibility verified by SheerID as an active student, teacher, or military personnel. Upon successful verification, you will receive an email with a one-time use coupon code to enter at checkout on Targus.com. Targus reserves the right to terminate the discount program as any time. Limit of 1 code per person per year (clock starts from the time you redeem your first code). Targus is not responsible for lost, stolen, or expired codes. This discount service is provided by SheerID, a third party provider. Targus is not liable if your eligibility is not confirmable for any reason.

Targus Military Discount