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Pumping Up Patient Satisfaction (CDW) - See how products designed with the healthcare professional in mind can really make a difference in improving point-of-care.


HIPAA Standards + 4Vu - Targus helps healthcare providers safeguard patient privacy.

Improving Mobility and Access to Patient Information

The healthcare industry is evolving and technology is leading the way. Mobile devices are improving Point of Care solutions with the immediate access to comprehensive patient records as well as the ability of real-time data entry – all while delivering highest quality of care.



Supporting the Needs of the Healthcare Industry

Through our industry-leading warranty protection and vast network of healthcare resellers, Targus is ready to help you find the right product and technology solution for all your point-of-care needs. To help understand and appreciate the benefits of our quality products, customers and partners can "test drive" the solution in their own work environment to ensure we provide products that drive results.