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New Targus® Global Workplace Study Finds 85% of Organizations Have Completed or are Undergoing a Digital Transformation to Support Mobile Workers

December 21, 21
New Targus® Global Workplace Study Finds 85% of Organizations Have Completed or are Undergoing a Digital Transformation to Support Mobile Workers

Anaheim, CA – December 21, 2021 – Targus®, a leader in laptop cases and mobile computing accessories, recently conducted a global workplace study of 8,329 business leaders and office employees, revealing that 85% of organizations have either completed or are undergoing a digital transformation to support remote and hybrid workers.

The survey also finds more than half (52%) of respondents still do not have the ideal workspace setup at home. And while more than half of people (58%) prefer hybrid or remote working environments, only 36% of workers in North America describe themselves as hybrid or remote workers.

When asked about their biggest workplace priorities, sustainability, embracing new ways of working, and physical and mental wellbeing were at the top of the list. For instance, more than 76% of respondents state that sustainability should be a top priority for businesses, and 74% of respondents value sustainability as a key consideration for choosing their new employer. Also, interestingly, US decision makers are more likely to believe better tech and accessories increase employee satisfaction (79%) and productivity (79%), compared to other countries.

“In our entire company’s history, we can’t remember a time more turbulent, nor seen a more rapid adoption of different technologies, and how we have come to rely on them,” says Andrew Corkill, Vice President, Global Marketing & eCommerce, Targus. “Our research underscores the importance for today’s businesses to equip their employees with the right technology tools to improve productivity and wellbeing, whether they are working at home, in the office, or both.”

Additional key takeaways include:

  • While people are starting to return to the office, many are still working from home, with more than 41% of US employees back in the office and nearly 32% who are hybrid workers.
  • In the future, 58% of people in the US would like to work hybrid or remote, while 37% prefer to work only at the office.
  • Most organizations recognize that better technologies and their accessories increase employee productivity and satisfaction; however, almost 40% of employers globally do not supply their employees with any tech accessories.

As companies everywhere face unprecedented labor challenges, security concerns, and more, it’s critical to face these issues with all the knowledge and expertise possible. Find out what you can expect in the workplace in 2022, and beyond. Download the full report and watch our recent “Annual State of the Workplace 2022” webinar on-demand for the insights you need to prepare for the future of work.


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