Powered By Targus Docking Stations, Activity-Based Working Increases Employee Satisfaction
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Powered By Targus Universal Docking Stations, Activity-Based Working Environments Dramatically Increase Employee Satisfaction

May 09, 17
Powered By Targus Universal Docking Stations, Activity-Based Working Environments Dramatically Increase Employee Satisfaction

Anaheim, CA—May 9, 2017 -- Targus, the industry leader that introduced the first universal dual-video docking station to deliver laptop power, announced a new case study that details how docking stations enable flexible workspaces in Fonterra, a New Zealand-based dairy company. The case study describes how an Activity-Based Working (ABW) environment changed the culture of Fonterra, in addition to reduced real estate costs and increased employee satisfaction.

A laptop refresh and an expiring lease on the company’s building that forced the relocation of over 1,000 employees inspired Fonterra to make a change. Their goal was to develop a healthier, more collaborative, and more productive working environment for its staff. To do this, Fonterra enlisted the help of Targus universal docking stations to create an agile work environment and facilitate flex work policies. Targus docking stations enable hot-desking and flexible working environments by allowing users to plug in at any workstation they choose. Since the docks are brand agnostic, they can be used with virtually any brand PC, including Mac®.

“With employees multitasking with multiple devices during the day and the remote working trend on the rise, staying connected is key. Universal docking stations are the solution to keeping employees connected and productive,” said Carolyn Perrier, VP of Marketing at Targus.

After the workspace transformation, Fonterra’s employee satisfaction rating increased. In fact, 96% of their employees said they would not go back to a traditional way of working and would prefer to stay with an ABW environment. Fonterra met their goal of making their company more mobile, collaborative, and productive. The company is continuing to work with Targus to roll out flexible workspaces in their offices in Melbourne, Chicago, and Singapore.

For more information, download the complete case study here.

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