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Workspace insights at your fingertips

Targus MiraLogic® is a unique solution that caters for the security and operational needs of IT decision-makers, managers, and the wider workforce.

The Workspace Intelligence System combines enterprise-grade hardware with proprietary cloud software. This gives technical and management teams full remote control and visibility over modular IT ecosystems that are located either in the office or remote.

Companies are now reassessing their working practices, aligning future decision-making around these priorities...


  • Reducing the cost of maintaining on-premise IT equipment
  • Reducing the cost of office spaces, including rent and electricity
  • Increasing employee efficiency


  • Harnessing the power of IoT to connect workers
  • Reviewing how best to manage devices and how to provide optimal user support in the office
  • Monitoring the use of peripherals (displays/audio/USB devices etc.)
  • Managing remote workspaces


  • Helping to achieve organizational sustainability goals
  • Advancing the roadmap to Net Zero

Let MiraLogic® help your business!

MiraLogic® is a…


• Hybrid software and hardware solution harnessing IoT innovation

• Cloud-based system supporting an intelligence-driven and insight-led approach

It lets businesses…


• Remotely monitor and manage every device in the ecosystem, including BYOD

• Troubleshoot key problems for every end point and user, even remotely

• Make efficiency-driven decisions around facilities management and IT usage

So, employees can…


• Gain the flexibility and support to work more productively

• Enjoy a consistent user experience anywhere they choose to work

• Adopt more environmentally friendly and sustainable working practices

Key Benefits

Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) capabilities for devices, docks, and peripherals

Access to a rich pol of workplace insights at your fingertips, in order to make data driven decisions

Real-time operational visibility to help you reduct the running costs of company workspaces

Enhanced security and suppor capabilities, for greater employee flexibility

Prioritize organizational sustainability goals with the ability to optimize power consumption with remote power monitoring and workspace control