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Update the site content

Guide to updateing a website content

Update the homepage 

Online store > Themes > Current Theme > Customize.

This will open all the edit panels for the site.

  • At the top of the customize panel. Choose from the drop-down which page you want to edit.

Dropdown options

  • You will have the homepage as a default .

Default Homepage

Update the Video Header

Expand the Header tab in the right side. You will find option "Video & Image Slide.

This option will have video for big screen and image for small screen

To activate it:

  • Click the eyeball icon to unhide the Video section. See the image below: Image slider 
  • Update the left side panel for the video option.

    • The video should be mp4.
    • The small screen won't have a video. It will have a static banner to update this:
      Add "Image Slide" from the right side and go to the left side and fill it.
    • Mobile Image 500*500 wider.

    •  Press save in the top to publish in the live site.

    Update the header slideshow

    Expand the Header tab in the right side. Header > Slideshow.

    • Press the slideshow's eye icon to unhide this section.
    • Add a new slide and go to the left side to enter the required info.
    • You will need to upload two banner.
    • 1920*800 size for desktop.
    • 500*500 wider for mobile (if you didn't upload the mobile one. The small screen won't have any image for small devices).


      Update any section in the homepage/other pages

      • Go to the section that you want to update into the right side.
      • Hide or unhide based on you need by click the eyeball next to the section.
      • Go to the left side for that section and enter the required info.

      Add a new section in the homepage

      • Go to the very bottom in the right side immediately before the "Footer" and click "Add section".

      Add section

      • You will see the list of all available option.

       List of options

      • Choose the option you want. 
      • Move it to any order you want in the page
      • Fill out the info required  in the left side when you press this section


      To update a "Navigation" go to Online store > Navigation > Primary menu.

      From there you can add a new menu item and enter the menu name and the URL or edits existing one.

      Create a Standard Landing Page within Shogun

      AP site - Update Download Product Spec. 

      Download button

      • Go to AppsSuperFields by Maestrooo > Edit metafields > Products.
      • Choose the product you want > Edit metafields.
      • Scroll down to the Product Specs section.
      • Enable Download spec. Button.
      • Add Download PDF URL.

      Product spec image


      • You can hide or display any section by press the eye icon next to the section.hide or unhide option
      • You can't have video and slideshow at the same time for the header.
      • For Targus Style guide. Check this page for Standard style guide and image sizes.
      • Use this Ticketing System  for website enhancements, repairs of breaks/fixes on the website, and other web related requests.
      • All Update will be live once you save it.