Update the site content
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Update the site content

Guide to updating Targus's website content

Update Targus homepage 

Online store > Themes > Current Theme > Customize.

This will open all the edit panels for the site.

  • At the top of the customize panel. Choose from the drop-down which page you want to edit.

Dropdown options

  • You will have the homepage as a default .

Default Homepage

Update the Video Header

Expand the Header tab in the right side. You will find option "Video & Image Slide.

This option will have video for big screen and image for small screen

To activate it:

  • Click the eyeball icon to unhide the Video section. See the image below: Image slider 
  • Update the left side panel for the video option.

    • The video should be mp4.
    • The small screen won't have a video. It will have a static banner to update this:
      Add "Image Slide" from the right side and go to the left side and fill it.
    • Mobile Image 500*500 wider.

    •  Press save in the top to publish in the live site.

    Update the header slideshow

    Expand the Header tab in the right side. Header > Slideshow.

    • Press the slideshow's eye icon to unhide this section.
    • Add a new slide and go to the left side to enter the required info.
    • You will need to upload two banner.
    • 1920*800 size for desktop.
    • 500*500 wider for mobile (if you didn't upload the mobile one. The small screen won't have any image for small devices).


      Update any section in the homepage/other pages

      • Go to the section that you want to update into the right side.
      • Hide or unhide based on you need by click the eyeball next to the section.
      • Go to the left side for that section and enter the required info.

      Add a new section in the homepage

      • Go to the very bottom in the right side immediately before the "Footer" and click "Add section".

      Add section

      • You will see the list of all available option.

       List of options

      • Choose the option you want. 
      • Move it to any order you want in the page
      • Fill out the info required  in the left side when you press this section


      To update a "Navigation" go to Online store > Navigation > Primary menu.

      From there you can add a new menu item and enter the menu name and the URL or edits existing one.

      Create a Standard Landing Page within Shogun

      AP site - Update Download Product Spec. 

      Download button

      • Go to AppsSuperFields by Maestrooo > Edit metafields > Products.
      • Choose the product you want > Edit metafields.
      • Scroll down to the Product Specs section.
      • Enable Download spec. Button.
      • Add Download PDF URL.

      Product spec image

      Add Image to the nav (dropdown menu) 

      Go to Online store > Themes > Current Theme > Customize > Header 

      • Under the Header choose to Add block > MegaMenu
      • Fill the right side
      • Fill the Mega Menu Parent link with Menu Parent name such as (Product, Collection, Devices..etc)
      • Add the details for the item in the submenu.
      •  Add the details of the submenu Mega Menu link is the name of the first item in the menu and the submenu of it. with - in between
      • For example Laptop Bags > Backpacks. It will be laptop-bags-backpacks inside the  Mega Menu link

      • Add Image to Feature Menu Image 500*500 and optimized
      • Check to mark the enable or Disable Image/Content
      • Add The image's Title to the Title text field
      • Add an Image's link to the Link URL text field
      • Add Link text 

      Add a Countdown timer

      Go to Online store > Themes > Current Theme > Customize > Announcement bar

      • Under Announcement bar choose to Add block > Countdown
      • Fill in the info on the right side 
      • Add Start Date (mm dd yyyy hh:mm) 
      • Add End Date (mm dd yyyy hh:mm)
      • Add a text at the left of the counter by filling in this text field Count Down Details (Left)
      • Add a text at the right of the counter by filling this text field Count Down Details (right)
      • You will be able to adjust the color and the font
      Count down Panel

        Please remove any App you use for Countdown and Use this section instead to help site performance


        • You can hide or display any section by press the eye icon next to the section.hide or unhide option
        • You can't have video and slideshow at the same time for the header.
        • For Targus Style guide. Check this page for Standard style guide and image sizes.
        • Use this Ticketing System  for website enhancements, repairs of breaks/fixes on the website, and other web related requests.
        • All Update will be live once you save it.