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Built for the long haul, the 15-17.3” 2 Office Antimicrobial Backpack is expertly designed for both cleanliness and usability. As a modular backpack, it’s capable of carrying exactly how much you need. And, with an antimicrobial additive infused in the bag’s material and fiber, it actively protects the bag against microbial growth.

Made to fit laptops between 15 and 17.3 inches, this antimicrobial bag’s SafePort® Sling ensures stability even when dropped. A clamshell workstation allows for optimal organization and carrying. You can even fit a full-size keyboard inside. Plus, its two front pouches are completely removable to minimize unneeded clutter.

Antimicrobial Protection

Antimicrobial Protection

You also get Targus Antimicrobial Protection, an infused additive that fights off germs for a cleaner surface. Unlike topical sprays, this antimicrobial bag has silver-based agents infused into the fabric and high touch points like zippers, handles, and straps. That means you get continuous, powerful protection from microorganisms. All this adds up to a superior choice for securing your accessories in or out of the office.

Premium Drop Protection

Minor drops and bumps won’t harm your tech anymore with this modular backpack. With a SafePort® Sling safely suspending your laptop, it will never face a heavy impact. And, it can fit all laptops between 15 and 17.3”. It’s okay to be a little clumsy with your tech now.

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Modular Design

Modular Design

Some days you need to carry more, some days less. With two front accessory pouches that are easily detachable, this modular backpack allows you to effortlessly adjust your carrying capacity. Take the pouches off for a smaller, sleeker feel. Then add them back on for full carrying utility. They can even be slipped into the backpack or another carrying case.

Practical Pockets

For additional convenience and flexibility, this modular backpack boasts plenty of pockets for all your accessories. Never run out of room for that mouse, keyboard, stylus, hub, or anything else again. Plus, you get mesh and zippered pockets that offer extra security for your phone, wallet, or keys. And we can’t forget the zippered lumbar pocket on the back and the top accessory pocket!

All in all, this amazing antimicrobial backpack gives you all the tools for success. Confidently carry your tech with protection from Targus.

Practical Pockets
  • Works With
    17.3" Laptops and Under
  • Color
  • Style
  • Protection Level
  • Protection Type
    SafePort Sling
  • Capacity
    28 Liters
  • Dimensions
    13.77'' x 5.51'' x 19.69''
  • Weight
    4.07 lbs
  • Laptop Compartment (W x H)
    16.7 x 11.51 x 1.3
  • Warranty
    Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • TAA Compliant
  • UPC
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