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For business

Blue Light Screen Protectors

Whether you work at home, in office, or anywhere in between, blue light filters for computer screens are helpful accessories.

Easy On The Eyes

Prevent eye strain and physical discomfort during long periods of screen time. Our blue light screen protectors reduce your exposure to blue light by 45% allowing you to work from anywhere in a healthy way. In addition, these screen filters reduce glare whether you’re working in an office under bright lights or outdoors on a patio.

Keeps Your Workspace Sanitary

Our blue light filters for computer screens also feature Targus DefenseGuard™ Antimicrobial Protection. This special technology prevents the growth of microorganisms and works continuously for the lifetime of the product.

Easy To Install, Hard To Lose

Not only are these accessories half the cost of specialized eyewear, but they are also less likely to get lost since they attach directly to your screen. Their easy one-time installation allows you to “set it and forget it.” Our selection of blue light screen protectors available for select screen sizes of laptops and monitors. Work from anywhere with ease when you add one to your setup.