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Browse Targus’ Selection of Portable Mouse Options

Ready to upgrade from your average computer mouse or finicky laptop touchpad? Your desktop mouse is one of the most important accessories for your computer. We all want a smooth, responsive mouse that works seamlessly with our laptop or PC. That’s why Targus carries a variety of wired and wireless mice available online to suit any personal or professional needs.

Ultra-Responsive, Seamless Performance

Finding the right PC mouse for your online needs can make all the difference to your computing experience. Targus’ range of high-quality computer mice includes options perfect for everyday casual use, work, school, or even gaming.

Our laptop mice feature numerous modern benefits. And they have all been designed with the same level of care and sophistication that customers expect from Targus.

Innovative Features Built for Today

Targus’ innovative mouse features are here to support you. Many of our popular laptop mouse and desktop mouse models come packed with modern features like:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Optical sensor
  • Scroll wheel control
  • Support for multiple input devices
  • Side buttons
  • Support for multiple computers (Mac, PC, Chromebook, and more)
  • And more

We even offer some laptop mice with a symmetrical shape for ambidextrous users. Explore our full range of computer mouses to find the one that best suits your needs.

Opt for an antimicrobial portable mouse to create a cleaner working surface wherever you go. To meet all of your compatibility needs, we carry a selection of Bluetooth® mice for easy connection to your Windows, Mac®, Chromebook™, or Ultrabook™ computer. Rely on your Bluetooth mouse to enjoy comfortable mouse control even without a desktop. This wireless mouse for laptops is ready to take your productivity anywhere.

We also offer our Optical Mouse with convenient cord storage for plug and play connection. This wired mouse fits comfortably in your hand and features a generous five-foot USB cable.

If you’re in search of simplicity and minimalism, check out our compact wireless mouse. This mobile mouse is small, comfortable, and ready to travel. It even features 2.4 Ghz Bluetooth mouse connectivity! Of all our computer mouses, it is easy to transport and perfect for any desk’s aesthetic!

Many of our laptop mice are designed with sleekness in mind. Simply drop your new Bluetooth mice in your bag and go.

Inclusive Design

We designed our wireless laptop mice with inclusivity in mind. This includes right- and left- handed users.

Marvel at our patent-pending ambidextrous laptop mouse. This eco-friendly laptop mouse is perfect, no matter if you are left handed or right handed. You likely won’t find a more comfortable Bluetooth mouse.

Or enjoy laptop mice with our BlueTrace technology, which allows you to work on nearly any surface. Now your computer peripherals can travel alongside you with ease.

We even have wired and wireless gaming mouse models designed for long play sessions. We know gamers prefer to avoid input lag, which is why we offer 1-to-1 wired mouse models.

No matter your needs, Targus has the computer mice to match.

Computer Mice Accessories

When shopping for a new Bluetooth mouse or wired mouse, consider adding on some helpful accessories. Our computer peripherals include a mouse mat/mouse pad, charging dongle, keyboards, and more.

Consider multiple devices to truly extend your workflow. With Targus computer peripherals, your wireless mouse for laptops will be well supported.

Targus’ Commitment to Quality

Our laptop Mac and PC mouse collection is peerless. It is backed by the same commitment to quality that you can find across all of our products. Customers love us for our high quality computer peripherals that blend high quality construction with reliable performance.

Our computer mice even come with a limited 2-year warranty. We expect you’ll love your new laptop mouse for years to come. But if there’s ever an issue, know you’re covered.

Targus continuously strives to bring innovative products to market that help you achieve a seamless tech experience. No matter which online mouse you choose, know you’re getting the best. You can rest assured that your desktop mouse comes equipped with the high level of quality that Targus is known for. When you order your wired or portable mouse, be sure to take advantage of Targus’ offers and discounts at checkout.