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For business

Keep your gear protected from your home to the office to the gym. Designed for active professionals, Transpire™ gym and office bags keep your essentials secure on the go. Safeguard your tech at the gym and comfortably carry your workout essentials, all in one bag. Explore Transpire™ to get the lightweight versatility you want out of your laptop bag.

Protect and Organize with an Office Gym Bag

Heading to a workout before or after work doesn’t mean you need to carry an extra bag. The gym and office bags from Transpire™ allow you to do more with less. Spacious bag compartments organize your essentials, while soft shell laptop cases keep your device protected through your commute and gym session. Whether you’re only carrying your tech and gym gear or you’re bringing your USB hubs and audio accessories, Transpire™ office gym bags have you covered in and out of the office.

For the Modern Professional

As technology continues to evolve, the accessories we use should adapt to our changing needs. Targus strives to provide you the innovative solutions you need as a modern professional utilizing technology. Explore our selection of Transpire™ office gym bags that enable you to carry and protect your tech wherever you go and discover more tech accessories that optimize your lifestyle.

Built to Fit Your Lifestyle

The products at Targus are built to fit your lifestyle. From active professionals to busy students, we have a collection of accessories that are designed to seamlessly integrate technology into your life. Optimize your workspace with a universal docking station, carry your essentials with a Transpire™ bag, safeguard with a screen protector, and more with accessories fit for you and your tech. Use our Accessory Finder to find more accessories compatible with your devices.


Do professionals carry backpacks?

Backpacks can be worn while still fitting in with your business attire. Polished and spacious, an office gym bag is designed for functionality in and out of the office. Compartments enable you to easily and comfortably carry and organize your essentials, and a sleek silhouette keeps you looking professional in the office.

Do backpacks make good gym bags?

Backpacks are a great option for the gym. Thanks to their design, backpacks like the ones in the Transpire™ gym and office bag collection allow for a more even distribution of weight on your shoulders, are comfortable to carry, and have multiple compartments, which is perfect for keeping your gym clothes separate from your work materials.

Are soft shell laptop cases effective at protecting laptops?

Though hard shell cases are known for their durability and ability to absorb the impact of accidental drops, soft shell cases are the perfect lightweight option for protecting against bumps and scrapes, especially in conjunction with a bag. They’re softer and more flexible, but are made with high-quality, durable materials that don’t compromise on protection.