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Work+ Collection by Targus

Having a tech daypack that keeps all your things safe during your normal routine is one thing. Having one that will hold everything while you’re active, whether it’s at the gym, on a hike, or any other activity, is something else. With the Work+ collection, you can get active backpacks that hold all your tech while adapting easily to whatever you’ve got in store for the day. It all starts with high-quality, water-resistant fabric and enough room to store everything you need. Check out the collection below and see how you could benefit from a Work+ laptop bag.

Active Backpacks with Space to Spare

Work+ bags are designed to be capable of holding everything you have. In addition to the already spacious interiors, each bag comes with the ability to expand to hold even more. Our largest bag expands up to 32L worth of space — that’s enough room for your laptop, phone, accessories, clothes, and extra gear.

Sling Protection

When you’re out and active, you still want your laptop to stay safe. That’s why we developed the SafePort® Sling Protection System. If you drop your bag, a bag with SafePort Sling keeps your laptop suspended, preventing it from hitting the ground and absorbing the impact.

Pockets For Everything

There are some things you’ll need easy access to for making the most of your day, primarily a water bottle to stay hydrated. Active backpacks like our 15"-16" Work+™ Expandable 27L Daypack have plenty of pockets for that water bottle, some snacks, or other high-priority items so you won’t have to interrupt your workout to grab something important.

Room for Shoes

The Work+ tech daypacks include a dedicated ventilated shoe compartment an extra set of shoes. Or, you can use that extra compartment for whatever you want. It’s perfect for anything else you don’t want touching the rest of the bag.

Want to learn more about our Work+ bags, or other products? Get in touch with us if you have any questions. Stay active and keep your things safe with Targus.