17" Dual Fan Lap Chill Mat™ – Laptop Cooling Pads
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Hot air is your computer’s enemy. The 17" Dual Fan Lap Chill Mat™ provides a comfortable and ergonomic work surface to prevent overheating. Dissipate heat and keep you and your laptop cool with this innovative cool mat for a laptop.

The chill mat rests on your lap and disperses heat. This laptop cooling mat employs dual fans to provide constant ventilation. With direct airflow to your computer’s vents, you can push your laptop to extreme CPU demands.

Excessive heat is a thing of the past, even if you use your laptop on a pillow or comforter. Simply plug the USB-A connector into the laptop to activate cooling. With a constant air flow, enjoy a cooling system that delivers cool air directly to your computer’s air vents.

The ergonomic tilt for this laptop stand makes typing easy while the soft neoprene material provides cushioned comfort on your lap. Four rubber pads on the face of the dual fan chill mat prevent the laptop from slipping.

The 17" Dual Fan Lap Chill Mat makes using your laptop an enjoyable experience. The open design of this dual fan chill mat allows the fans to run quietly, stimulating constant airflow. This helps to prevent your laptop from overheating.

Your laptop fan can’t always keep up with modern CPU needs. And for your laptop, cooler means faster. With cool internal components, your computer can run at peak performance every time. Find how to prevent your laptop from overheating with this innovative cooling pad for a laptop.

Portable and Comfortable

Portable and Comfortable

The high-quality frame allows for efficient heat reduction for your laptop. Meanwhile, its soft base makes it comfortable for your lap. Keep this cooling tray for a laptop on your desk for reliable temperature control. Or bring this chill pad for a laptop with you for an on-the-go cool.

Oversized, rubber feet on the top help keep your laptop in place. Enjoy stability whether you’re working from the counter or the couch. With premium construction and thoughtful features, this dual fan laptop cooling pad is a great solution for an overheating laptop.

  • Works With
    17" Laptops and Under
  • Color
  • Dimensions
    14.25" x 10.50" x 1.00" (W x H x D)
  • Weight
    1.50 lbs
  • Warranty
    Limited 1-Year Warranty
  • UPC
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