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The 17” Dual Fan Chill Mat™ provides a comfortable and ergonomic work surface to keep you and your laptop cool. The chill mat rests on your lap and disperses heat, using dual fans to provide ventilation which can be obstructed if the laptop is used on a pillow or comforter. 

Laptop overheating is actually quite common, and it can be caused by dust buildup in the air vents or poor airflow to the internal components. However, outdated software, demanding applications, and overuse can also lead to an overheated laptop. So what’s the best way to prevent a laptop from overheating? Invest in a cooling tray for the laptop.

This chill pad for a laptop is effective and so easy to use. Simply plug the USB connector into the laptop to activate cooling. The ergonomic tilt makes typing easy, while the soft neoprene material provides cushioned comfort on your lap. The open design allows fans to run quietly and stimulates constant airflow. 

Four rubber stops on the face of the chill mat prevent the laptop from slipping and makes using your laptop an enjoyable experience.

Ready to turn up the productivity in your computer? Learn more about investing in a cool mat for laptop like the The 17” Dual Fan Chill Mat™ in the video below.

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